Affiliate Industry is Getting into Crypto Currency. I am Jumping Back in as well.

By Ian Fernando

With the stock market going to shit, I decided to get back into crypto. Hearing so much talk about it nowadays, and still sad over my HUGE loss a couple of years back. The difference now is I just have more patience.

So what will I be getting into I am just choosing projects that I have been following in the Defi and now the Meta world? My portfolio in the stock market is mostly finance-related as I do see a shift from banking.

So it makes sense to do the same in the crypto space as it is so young. Defi is an amazing concept but also a very confusing one for the world. People forget their passwords all the time, don't you hate it when your parents ask you to fix their computer when it's just a password issue...

... but what is interesting is long-time affiliates and online marketers are getting into it as well. This post is just going to highlight them and see the shift in the industry. Some tweets will be posted, but it is interesting to see a shift in business to investing.

Here is Charles Ngo, legend affiliate marketer and guru in the space, now retired. He is now super curious about the Defi space. From this tweet alone, he looks like he is into the metaverse as well.

Nick Peroni, an eCom master releasing his own play-to-earn game. This is the first I have seen an affiliate going hard in the play to earn space! Legendary guru in the ecom space, eCom Empires.

Lorenzo Green creator of the infamous STM Forum is also involved in crypto, he will even pay you out on crypto from his Monetizer tool. He lost close to 2milly in the past being an early adoptor!

In the end, the affiliate industry is always greedy for cash. That is who we are, so we chase. There was a HUGE transition of affiliates in one year that shifted into Crypto (meetup in Thailand), they lost money and now are back into affiliate marketing, and now back into crypto. It is just a never-ending cycle of chasing.

I am taking this time to NOT chase and just invest and sit. I think that is the plan. I am not fully vested currently, but getting my toes wet currently. I just love the online space too much to leave it.

... but is fun to see the diversity of online marketers getting involved in crypto. Apparently, it is the space to be currently in. We are moving so fast the world itself can not keep up. It is well worth it to join as well and be at the forefront of it.

Which Projects Should You Invest In?

Shiba Inu of course... NO! I am in it for the long term, and usually will be in the top 100 tokens/coins. Most of the coins I have are Defi and Meta related. There are also others that I want to get in as well, but most of my coins are more utility-driven. Since I am more into the long-term hold.

Currently, I have several coins with just 1k in each. The market is currently down but I think in the long run is more profitable than the stock market, just look at this comparison!

So How do I Buy Bitcoin?

I wanted to try to get a P2P bitcoin transfer, but it was such a hassle that I decided to just get my Bitcoin from Coinbase. After a week or so, I transferred them to Binance.

Coinbase is the easiest for me to purchase Bitcoin. I can immediately transfer 1k to another wallet, but I tend to just wait a week or so until I can transfer the whole amount, saving fees.

Binance for me is the trading platform I use, this is the exchange I can purchase multiple coins/tokens. Why am I not doing it with Defi? Simply put, I am relearning crypto again and I do want to rush into this space as it is brand new.

I am not fully vested as others are. Some affiliates stopped the online game and are now 'investors' - they dedicate their time to research and understand projects or even chasing the new Shibu.

For me, Crypto is more long-term, I even created a community group on Facebook for stocks and crypto.

Project Bull Run is the trading community for both crypto and equities.

If you are a true beginner in the space, I have another Facebook group called Crypto Economy Beginners, strictly for Crypto.

The most interesting thing to me now is the metaverse and the NFT craze! NFT I think will be super huge as now everyone can own their online creation from giphys to memes, to custom virtual wearables! Self-ownership is something that will be super popular for sure.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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