Affiliate Marketing is Just Like Christmas Day

By Ian Fernando

First, Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays to all my readers. I hope you enjoy your holiday weekend with friends and family.  Enjoy it! Then go HARD in 2012!

I want to compare Christmas or the Holidays to affiliate marketing. These 2 are very similar to each other. We do not see one as a marketing concept and the other as a holiday, maybe you can if you buy gifts everyday. But what our eyes see doesn't necessarily mean what they mean. I am here to break it down and explain what I see Christmas is from a marketing perspective. I will then break down affiliate marketing from a Christmas perspective.

Christmas with Marketing in Mind

  • We Dress to Impress - Dressing up during the holidays feels festive when in fact we are just dressing up to present ourselves. Acting as a landing page, we spend time in shopping malls prior to Christmas and see what will work best. We mix and match, try on different ties. We want to make sure we look good at our holiday party or family gathering. Our dress is technically a web design, colors and prints matter. Another aspect is gift wrapping, we dress gifts so it looks appealing and creates a tense curiosity when the end user receives it. Even at holiday parties, you want everyone to look at you. This is similar to make sure you ad creative/copy is effective enough that you get a lot of eyeballs looking at it and eventually clicking on your creative. At the holiday party, you want all the ladies talking to you. We even dress our homes with lights and elves so it yells out - I have Christmas JOY to the world. In essence, it can compare to traffic and your website - yelling out - I AM HERE.
  • Save money to buy the perfect gift - New affiliates know how hard it can be to get started in a market where you need to have money to make money. Some people save their money to start a simple Facebook ad campaign or an Adwords campaign. When Christmas is on its way, we save our money and put things on layaway. We have to have money to get an item for a person you care about. From a marketing point of view, we save our money to buy traffic sources, virtual assistants, servers, etc - technically we do not see these as well - the money is going to someone else. The gifts we buy are for the other user, we never see them again - especially if they are cousins and nieces. With lead gen, we do not see the generated lead again. We save money for a quick conversion, but will never be able to monetize that lead again.
  • Don't want to Disappoint - In the end it s about the conversion. We want to see that smile on and we want to make sure your family members don't go to Wal-Mart to return something that you didn't even buy at Wal-Mart. Our goal as human beings is to make someone else feel better, we share and exchange laughter and enjoy each and everyone's smiles. That is the goal, that is the conversion. We do so many things from saving up money for your husband, daughters, dads, and siblings to making sure we have the perfect gift.

In the end any holiday and life is a marketing venture. We want to impress everyone, we dress up with how the world will view us. We go on dates to find the perfect person. Every day is a race to be better than another person. You can say you do not care what people think, but in actuality you can't help it. People judge you and that is a fact. Why do stores pay thousands even millions to get a perfect logo, slogan, commercials that don't convert, etc - we put ourselves out there so people can judge us. In the end we want to also create a sense of joy and happiness.

Marketing with Christmas in Mind

  • I buy myself Gifts everyday! Need more explanation?

Have a great Christmas weekend and Happy Holidays!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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