Affiliate of eBay through What Did You Sell?

By Ian Fernando

My Build a Niche Store has been doing okay this slow month. There are several sales but not at the commission or ROI that I expect, these are sad times. But I wanted to see what users were buying from my store, so I can put it in front of my viewers for faster transactions and earnings.

The reporting from does not provide what each user has bought from your BANS site. So I Googled and Googled until I found this really great tool! This tool shows you what items are being bought within your Build a Niche Store. Another great thing about this is if the user is still cookied for 7 days, the report will show you items that may not even relate to your store.

Best way to determine what your users want is to study what they are buying and what they are looking for. If you do not have stats you are literally blind when it comes to your customers and yourr traffic. Just because you are earning money through your BANS does not mean to just accept it, make more money by studying your traffic.

The screen shot below of the tool shows great information.

This great tool give me visibility on what my traffic are buying, giving me a better chance to put what they want on the main page faster than they can navigate through the site. I provide to my buyers what they want fast. If they are interested in Iphones I put Iphones and remove the GPS. It is very simple to do with BANS.

This is very easy to use as well, first you will need to generate a report and export it. Once done you simply just upload the document within the tool and it generates results for you. It even gives you links to the ebay auction your buyers actually bought.

The best feature I think I like about this, it is really not a feature but it helps. As you know if someone clicks on a link via your BANS store, they are cookied. The cookie stays on the users PC for 7 days, hence a 7 day auction. BUT if they do not buy from your store and tomorrow if the buyer logs into ebay and buys a 'spongebob burnt bread' then this will be recorded, since it is part of your ebay commission! Cookies are cool!

I suggest you bookmark this tool especially if you are making a lot of money via your Build a Niche Store. This small report can give you a huge benefit to your current traffic and future buyers.

This CJ Ebay Tool is a great asset to have.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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