Affiliate Summit East 2010 ReCap

By Ian Fernando

If you do not know what an Affiliate Summit is, I suggest you find out since it is one of the best conference shows I have been to. This year in NY I felt there was a big change and shift in the type of people that attended. In this post I will recap about the over show and tomorrows post I will talk about the networking events after the show.

This year was definitely different from the past Summits, I just felt a different vibe for some reason but it didn't stop me from talking to people and networking. I brought 3 of my friends to this year summit to see what I do for a living. Get them inspired!

I am going to recap the event by doing an AdHuslter version recap post of Affiliate Summit. Since I have recapped the Summit several times, I am going to point out the perks I picked up and noticed.

Observations in no particular order...

  1. There were much more vendors at the Meet Market and the Meet Market is bigger than past Affiliate Summit Meet Market
  2. I found there were more beginners here at this conference than the past summits I have been too.
  3. First night out Rubacky is a Party machine
  4. First night out I almost got jumped by 7 random people
  5. The sessions this time around are far better than past summit - more relevant topics base on our industry
  6. Not a lot of advertisers were at this year summit
  7. Not a lot of the past big affiliates I know were at this summit
  8. A lot of shifting of employees from network to network or advertiser to network
  9. More mobile networks rising
  10. AOR new terminology is now EMP
  11. Ruck from Convert2Media is sexy
  12. Rarely any traffic source at this year summit
  13. Shoemoney's Facebook sessions was amazing - great case study he did
  14. Rain does not stop affiliates from partying
  15. Some people in the sessions need to hear their questions first before they ask - retarded basic stuff
  16. Seems more mailers in this industry now are popping up
  17. Some people talk too damn much and brag a little too much when they don't know that much
  18. Frank Luntz Keynote was freaking amazing, so good that I bought his book right after his keynote
  19. Jim Kukral gave away his "Attention: This Book will Make You Money" book at his Keynote
  20. Jim Kukral says "You know an idea is good when you get a REACTION"
  21. Jim Kukral says we live in a time of instant gratification - a perfect example is the case study he presented on 5 Hour Energy
  22. Elite Clicks Media had a private Suite just for private gathering and drinking
  23. CPA and CPS has their clicks
  24. Quiet FTC and Government discussions about our industry
  25. John Chow s always fun to be with. Shooting rockets at Shomoney
  26. Most affiliate are now slowly merging out of the affiliate space and doing bigger businesses
  27. IANteract Dinner was a success
  28. Cashtactic favorite line of the night "I taught this person everything I know!"
  29. New networks need to stop pushing women in bikinis
  30. Heard FTC are looking into some sites...
  31. I really do not like pushy networks and advertisers
  32. Some Affiliates I talked too are owed 5 figures form networks, probably advertisers not paying or networks can be either or
  33. I love talking to people
  34. I love Wes Mahler
  35. Neverblue party was ok - didn't have music I can dance too.
  36. Clickbooth/Pulse360 party was crazy - heard some people caught me on picture and videos of me dancing
  37. Every night is a strip club night
  38. Met some Clickbank Affiliates
  39. I really do not like people disrespecting my friends - I will throw down
  40. ShareaSale party was super crowded and tight
  41. AKMG new and last version Skateboard is sweeet.
  42. Some vendors or networks or agency are like mall spammers, stopping you in your tracks
  43. Late night chicken and rice is amazing!
  44. Heavy T's affiliate dinner was a great networking event
  45. Some young affiliates need to stop trying to show off in front of BIG affiliates
  46. Met a lot of great people at this summit
  47. All the Pictures from the Affiliate Summit East

Video recap of Affiliate Summit East NY 2010:


Thanks Missy and Shawn! Great job always!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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