Affiliate Summit East Recap for 2011

By Ian Fernando

Today I got back from Affiliate Summit, I took the day to walk around LeadsCon while I waited to head back to NJ. Two totally different environment. Affiliate Summit is definitely the better conference. Anyways, this year I didn't go crazy as I do every Affiliate Summit. This was proven to me when I went to my room before Ad Hustler did.

This post will break apart all three days I was at Affiliate Summit from Sunday to Tuesday.

So let's start with Sunday... I drove in with my good friend into the city and I checked in with the help of my black body guard. Other than that note, here is the Sunday breakdown I noticed:

  • I rushed to get into Ad Hustler's panel on How to Pitch your Business at Affiliate Summit
  • Ad Hustler definitely knows how to turn a what I thought a boring topic into a very entertaining one.
  • Matt Wiseman is a tall damn mothertrucker
  • Seems to be more affiliates that have merged into something bigger
  • A lot of affiliates didn't know there was a CPA/CPL side to this industry
  • There is such thing as multiple brokering affiliate offers.
  • No signs of skimpy sexy women were hired to show off an affiliate network, they now get it.
  • Finally some networks understand mobile marketing
  • You can find merchant processors offshore walking the affiliate summit show floor
  • I spoke on a panel, topic: Industry Clash: Balancing CPS & CPA Marketing
  • No vegetables were thrown during the presentation
  • A lot of props was actually given to our panel, it was still being talked about through out the days of affiliate summit
  • Meet market was hella packed and very tight
  • ShareaSale had 2 really good saxophone and violin musicians at their party.
  • I want to thank NDemand for sponsoring an amazing IANteract Affiliate Dinner!

I woke up Monday and my thoughts were...

  • Seems only the bigger affiliate networks have booths and were also at the meet market
  • Ryan Eagle had the brightest suit on at Affiliate Summit, props.
  • Street Meat during lunch time is heaven, worth the wait.
  • Face to face meetings are great, opportunities happen much faster
  • A change is coming to both the CPA industry and the Clickbank industry
  • I went to a CPS session about launching an affiliate program, views from an OPM perspective
  • Great meeting up with Eleah from Adsimilis at their meetup
  • Didn't drink that much at the clubs or at dinners
  • Went to chill at Heavy T's Affiliate Dinner
  • Met some old co workers at Affiliate Summit
  • Hardcore SEO affiliates didn't know there was a CPL part to the industry
  • Had a real dinner at LeadCola Super Affiliate Dinner with shots of Patron. thanks Amar!
  • Clickbooth party had a grandma lady pouring drink
  • Missed Dougie Fresh at the Affiliate Ball by 20 minutes

Went to bed early, then I woke up on Tuesday...

  • Last day at the show, had more meetings than the last 2 days.
  • a group of old people was rocking "I make six figures" jerseys - knowing they do not know what a web browser is
  • Met up with my boy Wes Mahler, always great to see him and new innovative things he does
  • Show floor started to empty out, there was actually room to move around the show floor.
  • Talked to a friend about new traffic sources... something innovative is coming
  • Kris Trujillo lost weight, congrats
  • Met some new traffic sources and offers to upgrade my business ideas
  • Went to the Yankee game with all the Affiliate Summit speakers
  • I still have free drink passes

I just want to thank Shawn and Missy who always do a bang out job at Affiliate Summit. Despite the economy, people want to learn to advance their business and Affiliate Summit is always growing. I remember when I went to my first Affiliate Summit, it was nothing near to what it is today. This is the only trade show conference where others want to wrap their show around, hoping to siphon off some users to their show.

This is the only show that consistently grows every show I been too. Again, Shawn and Missy great job always!

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