Affiliate Summit Messed Up my Business

By Ian Fernando

...not really. I only have love for Affiliate Summit, Shawn and Missy! But it can definitely side track your business because of all the ideas and conversation you had at affiliate summit. I recently got back from ASW and I have a whole lot of ideas I want to run and this past week I ran quite a few and in essence it didn't result in what I wanted.

Affiliate Summit is such a powerful conference because you gain so much knowledge from so many people, big or small. Their ideas and way of making money online differs from how everyone does it. The fact how someone makes money online intrigues me because I personally haven't done what they have done. Everyone knows a trick you don't!

There is an assumption that everyone makes money the same way when they don't. There are similarities but the work flow differs. Of course there is the short cut but then short cuts will ruin your already full proof business model. What I need to learn is to write all the things I learned at Affiliate Summit and MESH it within my own business model and workflow.

The reason why I jump into many things is because it is fresh in my head. I have it written in my mindmap and evernote but I usually want to take action on it right away, which isn't such a good idea. You will lose focus.

It is still January and I got side tracked from my own 2010 goals, which isn't good. But with all the networks banging your phone, IM client, Facebook, etc you feel somewhat compelled to just throw some volume to shut them up.

While I personally hit some of my favorite AMs for network offers, I get side tracked from other networks just saying hi. Then I get in a loophole because I see the new campaigns just flopping. I need to stop doing things on the spot and mesh it within my own business.

Meshing someone's ideas, experience, and workflow into yours will definitely grow your business. You need to know how to sync others success with yours to better your business. The reason for this is because YOU already have a workflow that works, so stick to it with minor adjustments.

Ask yourself these questions...

  1. Where can you throw this person idea in your workflow?
  2. Do you have time to implement this idea?
  3. How long or how much time will this take?
  4. Will it take away from my own business model?
  5. ...etc

I am always happy to test out new things, new traffic, new tricks and tactics. The consequence is I am really never happy with my result UNTIL I mesh my workflow with their tricks and tactics.

A couple days ago I banged out some new campaigns. I did everything exactly from what the person told me to do from ASW. It flopped. When I started to work it as if it was my own campaign/offer, with a twist of adding the other person's trick... it then became profitable.

So if you are already profitable with your online marketing ventures stick to it and don't change whats working. Do minor tweaks and NOT FULL blown adjustments. Like the saying goes, don't fix what is working.

...a video of what I basically just wrote... done late last night...

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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