Affiliate Summit West 2008: Ask the Experts

By Ian Fernando

Tuesday morning I woke up had breakfast and networked with a couple people. I then joined Roger and Joe Tech at the blog war room section and went to an FAQs seminar. It wasn't really a seminar more like a forum, you sit with an expert on a particular topic and you just bombard them with questions. I did not see anything I wanted to go too besides a PPC or affiliate marketing FAQs table.

Then I noticed John Hasson at a table and I was kind of in shocked, prior to this event I have been hanging out with an expert and exchanging ideas. I was really proud to have met up with John. Me and John hanged out and went to several parties and discussed several topic, I can tell you John knows his stuff. At the Ask the Experts seminar - his table was one of the more packed ones. I assume this is because it dealt with more PPC and affiliate marketing.

John is the middle person with his hair bleached. A lot of users were bombarding him with questions and he either said he knew the answer or he didn't. I also can tell you John likes to talk. He provided some great insight on PPC marketing and how not to rely on Google. Google for some reason has received that brand, PPC = Google. Not necessarily since there are so many others out there. I personally have tested out Adsonar, ClickRiver, and many others - this just shows you there are many ways to pay per click and not just use Google Adwords. John did a great job in explaining this, since he does use multitude of other searches besides Google Adwords.

At the table you can tell there was a lot of new people and even experts at the table. Any information is great information you can say. John really explained the questions thoroughly and even gave example of his past experience. Even though John did digress a little off topic on the personal side he did attack all the questions and even ask if he fully answered the question. Great Guy!

At some time during his FAQs I wanted to know his feedback on Amazon Clickriver then he turned the tables to me - I was like umm 'I am cool'. No, but I did explain that I benefited with Clickriver more so than Adwords in December since the conversion is far greater on Amazon. Amazon users or targeted traffic are more prone to purchase something than someone on Google searching. There were users there really wanting to know how PPC works and how to better use it, John was a busy guy and I bet he needed a bottle of water.

While I was at John's table for quite a while Joe Tech and Roger found useful information at other tables. I really did not want to pay attention to others since they are more of service orientated stuff. I wanted to know more about ppc and affiliate marketing. Here are what Joe and Roger found useful.

Joe Tech went to another table and found:

While Ian and Roger picked other tables, I opted to soak in some concepts from David Weinrot, Vice President, Content Marketing & Operations, Shopzilla at the Measuring Yield table. He stressed the importance of comparing your revenue per 1,000 impressions for any given network or offer rather than comparing how much you’re bringing in per month or day total (as I’ve been doing). For merchants, he described how to maximize your program’s conversion rate by paring down on products or offers that aren’t converting well, among other things.

Roger thought Like an Sob and found:

What TrialPay does is acts as an intermediary between and other companies. So if a user signs up with for instance, Trialpay gets the affiliate commission for it, takes its cut and passes the rest on to - pretty sweet huh?

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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