Affiliate Summit West 2008 T-Shirt Friday

I have received tons of freebies and I decided to take some and do a t-shirt Friday just like the Shoemoney! So below you will see some pictures of me wearing t-shirts from networks or services. I received multiple outerwear, since most networks are base in Canada, which for some reason not a lot know the reason as to why. But I took all these pictures pretty late in my hotel roo, so if I look tired it is because I am.

Well below are some freebie gear that I have received from services and sponsors:

Zac Johnson –

The Official Affiliate Summit 2008 T-Shirt

Twipster a geocentric mobile publishing platform

RocketProfit – Affiliate Network – I might be joining them soon

Tracking202 – the best affiliate tracking system

Adviant – Affiliate Network – this shirt is a little small I think

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