Affiliate Summit West 2009: Day 3

By Ian Fernando

Woke up early again for a meeting at 10am and headed to the expo hall to meet with a network to talk and discuss proper tracking on their network and as a publisher what I would like to see to better satisfy others. I also was interviewed by ReveNews and was asked three simple questions about our industry.

I also talked to John Hasson about his new project, KW Grouper (Keyword Grouper). Very interesting little script that he has and it does very well, I mean Google's own grouper sucks.

The last day is much more calmer as users tend to go and leave early that day. I actually met up with another network to discuss the project and how I can access their API properly base on the needs of the project. It was a great conversation and hope to start getting things done with the API and what I want to release.

At the end of the summit, I had a sessions and spoke on the subject of Keyword Blasting. I thought I was going to be nervous but I was pretty calm as if I was talking at my regular IANteract Meetup. The session was different from others because I insisted for others to interact and talk while in between slides. I figured it would be more beneficial to do such thing since most of the sessions in the past I have been to are very long and no one really pays attention. If there is consistent content flowing then it would flow better and my session has done very well, base on the feedback I got anyways.
After my sessions headed to check out the triathlon they Affiliate Summit was hosting and it was very interesting, didn’t stay long just see what was going on, because in a couple hours had another private dinner with PPC Mafia and another network.

We had dinner with Yep! Revenue and it was held at the Country Club at the Wynn, baller status definitely, the restaurant. Eli and his team is definitely good people and knows what the hell he is talking about. It is great to know and meet people that care a lot about their affiliates and love this industry.

We had a back room all to ourselves and there was a view of the golf course, it was just nice. We all talked about affiliate marketing and talked about types of traffic and how and where the industry is taking itself in the future.

The food was great and not sure if you have seen my tweet about it, but it was crazy good. After dinner we hanged out in the villa suites and just talked some more about how we came about to meeting each other and why we share information. It was also great to talk about things that are happening in our lives and how it falls into affiliate marketing.

After eating, Big L from YEP showed us his Villa suite. Ad Hustler, WayneDog, and I were just in awe. The rooms were huge and it definitely fit the color scheme of red. We just hanged out and talked about what we basically talked about at dinner and more in depth. We definitely had a great time and go join their network!!


After the dinner and chillin I went my ways and got ready to get back to Jersey I was knocked. I needed to get out of Vegas, chapped lips everyday and dry mouth – but it was definitely was fun, entertaining and educational!

See everyone at the next Affiliate Summit! Here is a video of what I took while I was there.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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