Affiliate Summit West 2011 for the Wynn!

By Ian Fernando

Over the next couple days I am going to be updating this blog with some Affiliate Summit recap posts. Affiliate Summit if you already do not know is one of the best affiliate conferences out there. If you area CPL, CPA, or CPS type of an affiliate - this is the conference to be at. In the past Affiliate Summit West is held at the RIO. This year it was held at the Wynn in Las Vegas!

Ofcourse the people behind the Summit is Shawn Collins and Missy Ward, I want to thank them for having an amazing event as always and it is constantly growing! I remember when the Summit hit 2500 and I think this year is was around 4500, what growth!

There are just a lot of business you can get out of attending conferences like these, especially ones like Affiliate Summit.

This past Affiliate Summit is no different from any other one out there, it is all about networking and getting face t face contact with users behind Twitter, Bloggers, Affiliate Managers, etc. I alone benefited from it as always as new partnerships start and new projects are on their way. Affiliate Summit is the place to start new ventures and even get to know your fellow blog readers. It is an event you just want to be at.

Now, I have written about Affiliate Summit in the past, this blog post will be about some things I noticed while at Affiliate Summit.

  • Ad Hustler and Amanda had a great session on Local Lead Gen
  • Facebook Open graph seminar was very basic, discussed the intricate ways of the Share and Like Button. How intricate can it be really?
  • Mobile sessions wasn't that good, I have been advertising on Mobile 2 years ago.
  • More Mobile Networks are springing up but for some reason do not have mobile friendly and iPhone/Adroid ready LPs
  • The Wynn is an amazing Hotel.
  • After the Affiliate Parties is clubbin at XS or Marquee! Picking up girls is the easiests.
  • Parasol Up Bar is the place to be to shoot the shit with affiliates and networks
  • Make sure to check and adjust your Calendar to PST from EST - I missed several meetings because of this change
  • DK is a friggin Funny guy!
  • Affiliates at Rap concerts do not mix
  • Affiliates can't dance or are scared to.
  • Some affiliates get shy around girls or cringe when a girls touches them.
  • Drunk Affiliates are Super funny
  • Some clubs require you to spend at least 5k on bottles.
  • The Blogger lounge was a nice place to just relax and have small quick meetings
  • Tired of walking? Rent a hoover round
  • There are just way too many Affiliate Parties this Summit
  • If you are a CPA/CPL affiliate you are not invited to the Clickbank Parties or gatherings
  • Fashion Show Mall has a lot of creative bums - Bum Marketing?
  • Daily Conversions hooked up a Limo Ride
  • Cashvertising Keynote was friggin amazing. I am buying the book for sure.
  • Lots of new insights and projects are always setup at Affiliate Summit
  • A lot of iPad giveaways at the Exhibit Hall
  • IANteract Dinner was Amazing - thanks to Executive Fortunes!

I am sure there were a bunch more things I noticed but that is what I can recall for now. Affiliate Summit is the conference to be at especially if you want to grow in some way. A lot of past affiliates learned to be advertisers or even grow bigger because of the show and how users network. Till next time, I will see everyone at Affiliate Summit East!

BTW, here are some pictures...

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