Affiliate World Asia, the Only Conferences that is About Business, Booze, and Gigalos

By Ian Fernando

In 2 months, we have another conference that I recently been enjoying going to. Affiliate World Asia! I wrote about AWE Berlin back in July and it was my first time going to their Europe version. I wrote how both versions were pretty different when it comes to the quality of people that attend.

Well, Thailand is upon us in December and I want to discuss why I think Affiliate World is a conference to be at especially if you are a marketer and not just an affiliate.

Here in Vietnam I decided to write my reasons as to why you should attend this conference specifically, the Global Affiliate Conference.

Bangkok, Thailand - Do I Need to Say More?

BKK is such a great place to be at, it is a hyper active city and there is always something to do. More importantly, it is a center hub for most of Asia and a lot of asian marketers will be attending. It is a total different atmosphere from Europe for sure.

After the events it is all about networking and BKK has a lot of nice great rooftop bars. They have a lot of great beer gardens and nice posh restaurants to handle all your business meetings.

After the networking, then there is the night life. With so many places to go to it is hard not going to the clubs where all the affiliates are going. Affiliates love partying, I myself enjoy it a lot actually.

Now I have great friends in Bangkok, Thailand and we are thinking of doing a BBQ meetup one day before or after the conference, still up in the air.

Flying to a Conference, Means Business

This is very important I think. Affiliate World is one of the first conferences that I have actually traveled to. I have traveled for meetups around the world and you meet affiliates that do so and they are quality business people.

There is a difference when it comes to conferences that is within state lines to out of state to even now global. The global users are higher end, because they are taking first class flights to conferences. Meaning they have money and you can network and hopefully start a solid business venture or just learn form one another.

When I went to my first out of state meetup in Puerto Rico, yes its a US territory. It is still outside the state lines. There was a difference in the quality of affiliates that attended. After that I believe it was Adsimilis Amsterdam where I got a better sense of the type of affiliates that were attending.

Then when STM Thailand came about and it was a bigger meetup than expected. These affiliates that come out to these international meetups are far more knowledgable in marketing than any instate events. Th best part is they are not all business dressed adults. They are about fun networking, which I think Lorenzo is trying to push when it comes to entrepreneurship.

Content is Solid, with Great Speakers

This is key, they have great speakers. These speakers are also within our own community. For example, let say you have been following a person in STM thread which has a case study from "0 to 100K in 120 days" - you might see that person be the next speaker at the Affiliate World Events.

They also try to get amazing speakers from Neil Patel, Drew Whitman, and many others. Now these types of speakers are not the ones that try to pitch or hold back, they tell you what to do. Neil Patel especially. Sometimes they even share case studies with the crowd on their personal projects.

Affiliate World goes in on properly getting the right speakers for the event. They are not typical speakers either. For example I believe they just locked in a speaker from Uber on their world wide marketing strategy!

Conference Amenities and Large Networking Areas

This is one aspect I do not see much from conferences, large floors. Affiliate like ot chat and network and brag about their watches. They want to do it in an area with the most people possible. Affiliate World has taken this responsibility and made large floors outside the booth stations and as well within the booth itself.

They make sure everyone can bling their watches in front of everyone. Other than that, they supply the attendees with "stations" throughout the event. For example they will have massage parlors, coffee stations, water stations, hang over station, hydration station, bean bag room, etc etc etc.

They are not just a conference but they create an environment for affiliates, they understand who we are.

Those are the reasons as to why I think you should attend. I will be attending once again and I going to be giving out 2 passes to anyone that shares this posts and comments on my Facebook page on what they like about it.

Also if you do share and comment, I will invite you to our private BBQ event while at Affiliate World Thailand, which is in the process of being planned out, limited invites for sure.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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