Affiliate World Conference, 1st Conference to Disrupt the Affiliate Community

By Ian Fernando

As I sit here in my airbnb place, I am thinking about how proper the Affiliate World Conference was. I have been to the STM Bangkok Meetup last year and I enjoyed it a lot. Lorenzo and his team are doing a great job disrupting the industry with a new style of conference for our industry. This is a very different conference from the ones I have been in the past. The style of Affiliate World is having a conference in different parts of the world.

Real quick video review:

First, let me take a selfie with Mr. Green himself. This was at his private Grand Society: Black Tie event, which was for speakers and heavy movers in the affiliate industry. I met some great people here from high level affiliates to book authors.

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After the Black Tie event, everything went crazy fun as we are in Bangkok! Anyways. Day one of Affiliate World Asia was very informational. I really enjoyed Ryan Holiday presentation. His philosophy of life is what i truly practice on a day to day basis as it is very similar to the Buddha style of living and thought. He has 3 books, 1 of which I received at the conference as well and I am looking forward to reading it.

They also had several other topics which I didn't find much interest. The last panel about hitting five figures was really good on perspective of cloaking, copying, compliance, strategy and running traffic. One great aspect is the fact about copying each other landers and new angles to take it to a new higher ROI.

What I really enjoyed about day one was networking. The event was built for networking, there is a huge area of tables that are reserve and have time limits on them. This is the best part I think as it is the core of any conference, networking.

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One aspect I didn't like is the crowded marketplace. Seems like only adtech knows how to get a huge room with enough space to handle a crowd of people and yet allow fluidity of the show floor. Again, this is their first show and when the marketplace was gone, you would think it would work well until a mass of affiliates actually walk out.

One thing that is different is the content is meant for everyone. There are no tier passes which limits you to the content of the show. There are upgrades like getting the videos but no limit on content. Everyone gets the same content for the same price. It is very similar to Ads4Dough meetup that I have been to in the past. The content is streamlined with guest speakers that are shaking the industry.

Affiliate World even got Google and Facebook to their event and I can tell you, everyone was asking them so many questions and trying to even corner them as to why 'suspensions' happen. Lol. The information was solid form speaker to speaker, there ones that are blah and ones that just boasted their company. While others were solid information. Book authors and speakers who sold their company were one of the few that I thought was a solid session.

One thing I enjoyed about Affiliate World Conferences is that is didn't have information on just affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is just a term to be an online sales person, acquiring traffic for leads to be paid out. When in essence we are marketers, with that said, sessions about compliance and how to sell an asset were also a good mix to the speaker pool.

All in all, this was a great event and I have enjoyed every aspect of it. I look forward to Affiliate World Europe in Berlin and hope to see you all there as well!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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