Affiliates Want More! Viral Profit Machine

By Ian Fernando

WHOA! I just received a amazing email about a new system! If you have heard about Silient Profit Machine you know you can earn 50% comission from the products Alok promote, who created Silient Profit Machine! Now the great part is that Jonathan Leger has teamed up with him and have created a backend for the site for users to track details etc. NOW the best part is they both teamed up again and produced a product which will sky rocket any users list and get the traffic they so wanted!

Here is a snippet from there presell page. 

"You worked hard to send them the traffic, to build their subscriber base, to sell their products & to give them a celebrity lifestyle. And what did YOU get in return- a measly one time commission?  

Did you ever ask yourself - what about all the extra money they make by sending email promotions to YOUR referrals again & again? 

Do you even know that the one time sales you generated for the vendor is just a tiny portion of the wealth you actually created for him? 

This is so true, reading this I was astonished at this and I know how affiliate marketing works, you send your traffic to an end user and they collect the sale, which you get a portion of and they collect the email which then they can sell even more to them!!!! Don't you think that is a scam? a rip off?" 

Let us read more from the presell page: 

"Let's say you send 100 visitors to a vendor whose product sells for $97 with a 50% commission to you. At a 2% conversion, you make 2 sales and both you and the vendor get around $80 each. Right?

Wrong! Here's what really happens. 15 of your 100 referrals sign up to the vendor's email list. Now, this vendor will send email promotions @ 3 per week to his list - a list that includes your 15 subscribers."

I myself reading this felt agitated because its the truth I have not really realize this until reading this presell page I found. But the presell page was just an introduction I wanted to know what the actually product is, WHERE IS THE SALES PAGE! 

Well they have released the sales page, Jon and Alok. They named it Viral Profit Machine. This program is so powerful because it builds the following:

  • Build an Army of affiliates
  • Generate unstoppable Viral traffic
  • GROW your list of subscribers
  • and SkyROCKET your sales

The key to this is base on Alok Silient Profit Machine, it is a very viral website and he shares his comissions with everyone! Imagine your affiliates are rewarded when the webmaster is rewarded! It is just like a tag team event, remember there is no "I" in team and that is what Alok and Jon have come to realize. They teamed up and produced a great awsome product!

Here is a snippet from the sales page:

"All this because the script will enable you to share part of your success with your affiliates, to an extent and duration that you decide. Affiliates are the back bone of an Internet Business - if you treat them well, your online business will scale new heights. And Viral Profit Machine will empower you to please the best affiliates the Industry has seen."

Well me myself I have emailed both users about specific questions on the product and I hope to get a reply within 24 hours because I am REALLY interested in this product. I suggest you view Viral Profit Machine or atleast Silient Profit Machine to see the concept!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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