AKMG Meetup: Girls Night Out with Affiliates

The day I got into LA, I drove up to Santa Monica after checking into Pelican Hill resort met up with Logan Thompson and drove up to Santa Monica to meet up with the girls of AKMG and the owner. AKMG, the ones who gives out the skate decks at Affiliate Summit and Ad-Tech. We met up with Eleah at a hotel where she met up with us and then showed us where her office was.

We walked around down town and saw some performing artists on the street. It was coolin to tour their mini office which was in the middle of down town Santa Monica.


After a quick tour and wine drinking, we went out to have dinner. We had dinner at BOA steak house which was right on the boardwalk and the beach. The food there was amazing, literally amazing! A lot of fancy plate design but the food was enjoyable.

After we ate we all talked about affiliate marketing and what affiliates need and want. Shaunti, Eleah, and Amber are awesome women! We def had fun at dinner. We all talked and just discussed about our industry and what is needed.

Later Amber drove us back to Newport and that was entertaining and Amber is very knowledgeable! Def brought me to a perspective on things about affiliate marketing, especially from the affiliate side, but also giving me the business side view from the network side.

Thanks to Eleah and AKMG for inviting me to dinner and showing me around Santa Monica and ofcourse dinner. Also, Eleah will be waiting for my decks!

Mashup Video here:


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