All You Really Need is an Affiliate Theme

By Ian Fernando

As our industry is continuously growing, especially in these days of down time, there are more and more tools coming out. Last week I released a WordPress plugin for affiliate marketers called LP Jumper, it is a Landing Page rotation script via the WordPress plugin system.

Well another WordPress affiliate tool is out! If you are an affiliate and you are not using WordPress then I suggests you do since it is a powerful CMS tool. Today, Affiliate Theme has just been released to the public and it is by Unique Blog Designs.

What is Affiliate Theme? Well it is what the title is, affiliate themes or landing pages. These 'themes' are designed with marketing in mind.

affiliate theme

There are so many attributes with UBDs recently launched Affiliate Theme. It is geared towards affiliate marketers with a bunch of necessities that are needed to have a successful campaign. Here is just a quick breakdown:

  1. Ability to Chose from 6 different styles of landing page designs
  2. Themes are optimized for your PPC and SEO campaigns
  3. Real time color picker, almost looks like photoshop, I think
  4. Access to their resource center, members only
  5. 30+ header graphics for your perfect niche!
  6. plus many more >> read more

Their Resource Center

Now, the resource center is very useful as it has podcasts of big name affiliates in the industry. The dashboard is very user friendly and it proves to be very useful, it did take me a bit to get use too because there are just a lot of options.

But those are options that help optimize your themes, within UBD's Affiliate Theme. Below is a video introduction to their newest product. The video shows you the walk through of how their newest system works and how you input offers, etc.


With this new tool, affiliates at beginner level can create successful affiliate landing pages without really thinking, Affiliate Theme does the thinking, you do the basic designing! You can view multiple examples as well via their site. They show ringtone styles, the popular blog style, review styles, alot of themes for the affiliate marketers.

Also, inputting offers is very easy and it is universal across all themes, which is very interesting and very unique. You can change your themes without destroying your current links or descriptions of your offer.

Here is a quick snapshot of the main dashboard, if you have not seen it in the video above:

affiliate theme

Just the fact if you are a member with Affiliate Theme, you can get a lot of useful information within their resource center, they have podcast, tips and tutorials, basic introductions on how to use Affiliate Theme, its right there at your disposal.

The Unique Blog Design team has done a great job in attacking our industry in helping find and create useful themes for us to use right away. Like I have stated in the past, WordPress will be the next wave for affiliate marketers. The reason why you don't hear affiliate marketers talk about it is because it is our secret, and we all know how discreet all types of marketers are.

Affiliate Themes >> Download

Ian Fernando
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