Always Test Before Launching a Product

By Ian Fernando

I am releasing a wordpress plugin on my birthday (cross fingers) which is less than a month away! This plugin will revolutionize the email marketing blogging world, but before I get to that I would like to let you know before you try to release a product make sure you test it first!


I was starting to create sales letter, landing pages, I registered the domain already, and I decided to myself why didn't I install the plugin? Well I installed it and guess what it works great, but one minor flaw that I find annoying. I was "its a good thing I TESTED this before I was going to release it on my birthday."

I was kinda of proud about my product and I became a little greedy in which the reason I did not even put it on my blog. What is the point of selling a product if you do not stand behind it. It does not make sense?! There is no point of selling a product if you do not stand behind or at least tried. Questions will come up about your product once readers purchase it and you will have nothing to say or know about it because you yourself as a reader did not even try or test the product you are delivering to the public.

One of the biggest mistakes as an online marketer can make is launching a new product without properly testing it. Marketers lose hundreds and even thousands of dollars every year on products they didn’t test before introducing them to the marketplace. That is money, prospects, and readers lost!

Being an entrepreneur you need to think of others how will they react to your product. Some entrepreneurs skip the testing because they know its a product everyone will want, who cares! Wrong! Entrepreneurs are problems solvers, so why create a bigger problem?

How can you be successful if you don't even try your OWN product? Stand behind it? Know about it? I was a little piss at myself for not doing so; I was so concerned about the release date that I forgot to install it on my own wordpress blog.

Well when I did, I arrived at a minor problem which I am currently working on right now. All of the properties worked well, it just worked, except a small factor that I did not like. If I do not like it there is at least 3 other people out there that do not like it, so that means 3 unsatisfied customers, 3 refunds, 3 complaint emails, 3 bad reviews, etc. (I just chose 3 as a number)

This example is like saying to buy my brand new computer which I never ever turned on before. I do not know if it will even turn on or work. If you are creating a product make sure you TEST it and use it. Think of every scenerio that could posibly happen, and if you did test it again live!

Since this is a plugin, it is currently on my blog and it works great! Again except for a small part on my end that I do not like as a reader, user, and purchaser. Tonight, I will try to fix it and hopes I can have it fully functional before my birthday!

All in All Just Test!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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