AMA with Attila and ZeroPark: Online Marketing Tips that Still Works Today.

By Ian Fernando

As I was searching Youtube for some information on holiday marketing tips, I saw a Youtube video of me and Attila. It was a webinar we did with ZeroPark. I thought I had at least transcribed it for my blog readers, but guess I did not.

So I watched the video and the tips Attila and I provided are still valid to this day and can be useful for your holiday marketing campaign or even if you start out. I will break down these tips in this post for a more reader-friendly version.

Finding Trends and Taking Advantage of it

Trends are always an important factor in affiliate marketing and being on top of what to promote next. Attila spoke about watching trends on Amazon and how you can take advantage of this with your Amazon affiliate link.

The other alternative is to find similar products and promote them for a higher payout. Search up sites like Google Trends, Exploding Topics, or Trends. These services help you stay on top of the search volume on the internet.

Staying on top of these topics can help you stay ahead of the game from other affiliates, business owners, and even start your new startup! It is about leveraging data and taking advantage.

Internal Lead Gen

Email marketing is a forever business that hasn't really been disrupted. I personally do internal lead gen, where I collect leads and promote affiliate offers. It is an awesome way to generate quick leads during this time of year because a lot of people are looking for deals.

Speaking of deals, sweepstakes, coupons, survey offers do very well during this time of year because they allow the consumer to potentially win a gift card or cash.

With this strategy, you will need to figure out which landing page builder is sufficient for you. You will need a way to capture leads and even start emailing these leads on a day-to-day basis.

Video is on the Rise

Video is getting more and more popular. Even Youtube is thinking about adding live business product shows to their platforms. People want to see the product in action. This is why TikTok and Snapchat ads do well when they are in use. A strategy to do this is to create fake webinars or product demos pages.

Collect leads and send them to webinar-style landing pages with a call to action in the body of the page. This allows a storytelling style of marketing, where you warm up the cold traffic in order for them to take action. Since our attention span is depleting year over year, getting user attention is super important.

Keeping the attention is another variable, which is why a follow-up series of webinars I think is a solid strategy. Alongside your internal lead gen, you cater to the user over time and make them take action.

Live video will be the biggest part of marketing, but trying to mimic life will be the idea with this strategy.

Getting Started in Affiliate Marketing

When you want to start in affiliate marketing $1,000 may be enough, but sometimes it isn't as long as you understand you are going to lose money. Start with one, pick two verticals that use spy tools. Native and Google are good for eCom.

There is a lot of traffic sources to utilize which traffic sources are good and where to start. Even Attila will help you start warming up Social accounts. Though we didn't dive deep into that, affiliate marketing should not be cheated but learned to gain experience. These experiences, later on, help your thought process on creativity.

Attila has a lot of information on his blog on how to start, even more, advanced tactics in his forum, iamAffiliate.

Honestly, to get started, you just need to choose 1 or 2 verticals, pick a traffic source, buy media, lose money. This is the simplest way to learn. You will need to understand what CTRs are, EPCs, and all the acronyms of affiliate marketing. Data manipulation is the gift affiliate marketing gives to you.

Spy Tools Give you Leverage

Spying is important, it gives you an idea of where to start. Ad spy tools such as Adplexity and Anstrex are two very popular ones. These tools give you the creative edge. Providing you ideas of how to write copy, the angles other affiliates are using, and even the landing pages they use.

These are just tools and are not profit machines, yes they give you what offers and styles they are currently running for X amount of time but will not make you profitable right away.

Ultimate Retarget Strategy

Flipping clicks is the name of the game in affiliate marketing. It is about buying cheap clicks and converting them higher. You can wait for clicks to convert or make clicks convert right away, there is no set blueprint for affiliate marketing.

One way I tend to retarget or grow a retarget audience is by leveraging multiple sources from 1. Push traffic is cheap, why not use that cheap traffic to generate retarget pixels on Twitter, Native, Google, FB etc. This allows you to create a mini pool of potential users you can target later.

There are many ways to do marketing, creativity is the most important part of marketing. While a lot of affiliates focus on a tunnel vision approach, I look at it as a multi highway with multiple exits. This allows you to generate income in multiple ways.

If you have any questions on the video please feel free to post them on the original video channel. Make sure to subscribe time mine as well.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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