Amazing Day of Activities at the Puerto Rico Meetup

By Ian Fernando

Currently in my room at the Ritz and I am writing this blog post to just recap the Puerto Rico Meetup held by Ndemand Affiliates. Yesterday we had a full day of activities, amazing full day at that. We took off in the morning to go ahead and hit an island to go snorkeling over the coral reefs an even hand feeding the fish at the corals.

This itself was a great experience as I have never went snorkeling. It showed how beautiful Puerto Rico is with their clear waters, amazing islands, soft sands, and beaming sun. Sailing the open waters itself was just a great relaxation for me, taking a quick break from all the online marketing ventures I have been doing.

We then headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. I took a nap for about 2 hours because a day in the sun and activities is tiring.

During dinner we headed off to old San Juan to take a dinner cruise. A night filled with good music and good people. After the dinner, me and some affiliates started walking the streets of old San Juan and did a quick tour of a fortress. It was interesting to see the fort walls and the city within these walls. After a quick run of old San Juan, we met up with the group and headed back to the Ritz.

Even this was a one day meetup, Mike and Ndemand did a great job at organizing a full day of events. Memorable events at that. I personally have never been to Puerto Rico, so the experience of snorkeling, boating, corals, etc was just a great experience. I will be here in Puerto Rico for another 3 days and we will end up doing other activities before thanksgiving.

I wan to thank Mike for having such an amazing meetup.

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Ian Fernando
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