An Alternative to WorldProxy202

By Ian Fernando

When doing international affiliate offers you want to check out the offer page as if you were in that specific country. It is important that you do because you want to cater a landing page or ad around that offer page. Or a problem that sometimes occur with international offers is conjoined countries do not see the actual offer page. Or the advertiser does not want international traffic or traffic from specific areas of the globe.

This works by looking at the geo ip of the ed user and redirecting that traffic to a more relevant offer. For example if someone in Australia clicks on a US link or offer I am promoting, that offer will be redirected to an Australian offer or even offer wall.

In the past I have been using Worldproxy202, but they just do not have a lot of countries for me to test. I started asking around what the best proxy servers are so I can build my own system, while doing this I stumbled on GeoSurf.

GeoSurf is basically what it sounds like, surf the internet globally. From an affiliate's standpoint this is very helpful when determining the offer page of the advertiser, especially international offers. For example if you want to run 'Russian Dating' and want to see how it would look like with the surrounding countries, you first activate GeoSurf and then insert the affiliate link in your URL bar to see if it will redirect or not.

This is important because you want to make sure you are targeting countries in which the advertiser is allowing. GeoSurf makes this very easy by letting you install a toolbar, which works with IE and FireFox. This toolbar allows you to switch between around 59 countries, so there is a lot of options here.

It is a very simple tool to use, activate it with your login credentials and just click on apply. Another great function for GeoSurf for online marketers, especially affiliates is spying. Though GeoSurf does not have a spy tool, as affiliates we want to look at international ads.

By browsing the internet with banner ads utilizing Google Content Network or International Ad Network, you can see what type of banners are being displayed. Are these banners using in country language text in their ad, what colors are being utilized more, are they using people of culture, etc. So by simply browsing popular sites you can see how international ads are being populated.

The easiest way to surf without really thinking too hard on what is the most popular international searched website is by just going to Google with Geosurf turned on. It will turn into an international search engine base on the country you chose. Type in a search term related to your affiliate offer and boom, you have sites relevant to your offer which you can start browsing.

You can use WorldProxy202, but it isn't as powerful as GeoSurf and plus GeoSurf has a ton more countries, 59 to be exact and a multitude of US geographics as well, just in case an advertiser decides to filter out a state.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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