An Alternative Way at Looking at PageRanks

By Ian Fernando

Over the weekend I have finished a report about all the hysteria of Google PageRanks. There are so many blogs out there talking about Google either bashing, crying, or just laughing at Google. So with all this talk I decided to go a head and write about the PageRank and how it is helpful and how 'now' we should look at a different era.

Though my blog have increased in page rank to a PR 4, I was really not concentrating on my PR. When I first started on the internet I was literally taking my PR to the heart. I would be mad if I was not able to get a PR within 1-2 months. For example I was able to get this blog to a PR 2 within 1 month, when I first started this blog. That is great, but as my learning continuous I realize PR is really not that necessary.

Yes, it is important to Google and SERPs (search engine results page). But this should not be out main focus, just PR. There are multiple other tools to use that can help us determine our traffic and gather traffic. Popular marketers such as Jonathan Leger has done a case study on PageRanks and to see if it really helps determine how search results get ranked.

With all the talk about Google Page Ranks I finished a 19 page report on the Google Page Rank Hysteria. Direct from the mini site:

As you know Google has unleashed war on all webpages that have sold or purchased links. The reason for this is because Google does not want anyone trying to game Google! Google will always be Google and will protect themselves to help others out there to find relevant websites according to search terms. They will constantly update their algorithms if necessary to produce accurate searches.

Google Slap Report, will give you a basic introduction to page ranks and its main purposes. But the power of the report is using other tools and creating a more valuable page in which page ranks really does not matter! A new age for SERPs without the influences of Google.

Using the internet to a whole new level can help you make a better more reliable website in which Google CAN NOT touch. Your website is valuable and will continue to be valuable as long as you do not seek to Google Page Rank scoring. You can grab the report here.

The 19 page report will definitelygive you a new look on how to look at your webpage and blog. PageRanks is important but we should not just use that as the only way to determine our popularity and traffic. One of my partners blog states to move forward and not backwards:

People have been stuck on that value for too long, and are getting fed up with it. Intead of everyone whining about it, move on from it. Some people already are, including myself. PayPerPost is set to release Argus soon - which will supposedly move away from PageRank as the big indicator for pricing and the “wow factor”. Good for them I say!

This report speaks about Google PageRanks and its importance but also concetrate on other tools like Yahoo and Alexa. My report will also go in depth about concentrating on traffic and not page ranks. There are sites out there that do not even have a page rank yet their traffic is unimaginable! So page rank does play a role within SERPs at times, but we need to look to a new era on SEO and popularity!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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