Anstrex vs Adplexity: 5 Differences Why Anstrex is a Versatile Ad Spy Platform

When it comes to ad spy tools, the choices are endless. With so many out there that you can use, it can seem overwhelming quickly. Even Facebook has joined in and decided to expose all the ads from their advertisers publicly. With so many tools out there to help your campaigns, Anstrex is my top choice. For more on Adplexity, check out one of my previous reviews.

Anstrex has more ad networks to spy on one of the most extensive databases. I’ll go through the five things that stuck out to me and why Anstrex has the data to help you create a better and even faster profitable campaign.

I want to start by saying they have more data than the competition; that’s a big win for me. Now, you probably won’t advertise on all the networks and maybe just the tier 1 traffic sources. It’s crucial when comparing and scaling; you may want to see what is out there.

The thing to remember is sometimes more isn’t always better. Even just looking at the country data is essential, by having more access to countries to spy on it’ll help you scale your campaigns. If you find you’ve got more ads, this doesn’t mean you’ll be more profitable, but I think it’s essential to note that success comes through trial and error.

I want to note that this blog compares Adplexity Native and Anstrex ad tool spies on native networks.

So, here we go. Let me break down the five reasons I think Anstrex is more versatile than Adplexity. All the screenshots I’m using will be from the same ad on the same ad network for this comparison to be accurate.

Access to Publisher/Widget Data

Adplexity only shows the top 10 publishers.

Anstrex shows all the ad publishers. But guess what, Adplexity doesn’t do.

Data is power and what you use it for is all up to you. How you use it can make all the difference.

For example, I might tell my ad manager,” I want to advertise on these sites/widgets only. Or to advertise on sites/widgets that are only above 5% of traffic.”

Perhaps, you’re don’t want to focus on high-volume websites. But instead, advertise on the majority of the widgets for cheaper CPC? With the correct data, you can make that all happen to focus on where your ad manager advertises.

With the power of Anstrex, you can even sort each column to see the data you want. Something I found interesting was the Alexa ranking. Historically, I haven’t used Alexa rank in a very long time. But if you’re like me, this piece of data might be interesting to you.

Another thing is to provide your ad manager with the websites to blacklist or whitelist. You can filter the list of publishers by traffic sources. Anstrex lists the publishers by which domain it was found on so you can quickly sift through and filter the traffic source and then add it to your black/whitelist campaign.

The data from Anstrex tries to build a competitive picture with the information available, which I find to be one of the most powerful features of Anstrex. But in the end, the choice is yours on how you manipulate the data. Here’s an example of export widgets which you can instantly create a blacklist or whitelist.

13 Advanced Search Filters

At first glance, it does look pretty advanced, and it took a little bit of time to get comfortable. But after going through the knowledge base, I was eventually able to use this search to my criteria fully.

Here’s what I like about it:

  • Search Within Ad Titles
  • Create bulk rules, and you are not limited to just one search function.
  • Save your search

Since Anstrex has so much data, you’ll need a way to filter everything to make it easier to understand. This advanced search feature shows you what you want to explore.

I’ve found that the click tracking rules are the most powerful tool. If you’re familiar with click tracking rules, this is no different. Easily, you can search for by specific niche like health ads, in a particular county, and between what dates directly only from this URL.

Now, that’s what I call powerful.

Essentially, you’re able to spy on just one affiliate if you want to. Something to note, because I like creating a base search, I found you can save this “search template” and critique later or change it.

Custom Ad Alert System

Partnered with the advanced search, you can turn your filters into alerts. Whenever Anstrex sees any new ads that match your alert input, Anstrex saves that data for you. Make your life a little easier and ensure you don’t fall behind.

The only difference I notice is the synonyms filter. I’ve found this a unique feature because it’ll find ads using your main target keywords and double-check to see if they’re relevant. After you’ve created an alert filter, you’ll get email updates daily with the results, and to narrow these results, log in to your account.

Powerful Landing Page Ripper and Optimizer

I think this is the major key (insert Dj Khaled voice) that separates Anstrex and Adplexity.

Instead of just downloading the HTML file from Adplexity, Anstrex outputs the file in an inline editor so you can edit it further. This freedom means that you do not have to edit it on your Mac, or you can edit it within Anstrex itself.

This screenshot shows an editor on which you can customize the page. I even edited the text in real-time, and it kept the style of the page, and it didn’t break. If you’re a developer or know a bit about coding, you can even work in the raw HTML.

The next step is pretty cool because of code optimization. With any landing page, speed is super important, which Anstrex understands and will minify the code for you if you wish.

The final step is to upload it to your server. There’s no need to download the code on your Mac; Anstrex will download it, and you can edit it in real-time. Finally, upload it to your server, and you’re done!

Once you’ve uploaded it or downloaded the landing page you just ripped, it’ll automatically be deleted from Anstrex server after 24 hours.

Pricing is Welcoming to All Marketers

I like Anstrex so much because it’s affordable for everyone. At full access, it is only $59 a month; that’s what I call a deal.

If you’re a beginner, then Anstrex is your best choice and is super affordable on its own. In comparison, Adplexity for Native is $249 a month, with less data than Anstrex. You can make the cost back with ease by finding the right ad and place to advertise.

Whether you’re a noob or seasoned expert, this tool has tools within itself to help you become a better marketer. Now here’s my favorite part, with a 2-day risk-free trial, you can sign up today and log in to test out all the features.

It’s essential to remember that using Anstrex won’t make you a super affiliate marketer overnight. Like anything, time and patience are needed, with some trial and error thrown into the mix.

Even though it does have more data, it does take some time to understand how to utilize that data to your advantage. In my experience, using this tool will go a long way to helping you become successful in the affiliate marketing space.

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