Answering Your Internet Marketing Questions in Medellin, Colombia

By Ian Fernando

The other day I posted that I was in Colombia and wanted to do a Q&A for all my readers. I finally got to the video and published it with Rohail. It did take some time as I am enjoying this country a lot and finally had spare time to do some editing.

The penthouse we are currently living in does have a bit of an echo so, here is the full conversation transcribed for your reading pleasure.

Ian: Hey, what’s going on guys? Ian here, from and I have Rohail here as well.

Rohail: Hey, what’s going on guys?

Ian: Filming here, like I told you guys I want to do like an Q&A while I’m here in Columbia Medellin and I received some questions and we’re going to go ahead and answer them, okay?

I believe we’re going to start off really quick with a nice simple question is basically, “How do you find affiliates for your products? Meaning it could be a click bank product, health product, or anyway so Rohail?

Rohail: Yes, I’d say the best way to find affiliates for a product would be to attend one of the industry trade shows. One of being the Affiliate Summit, Affiliate Summit east and west and that happens once a year. I would say that’s probably one of the best shows you could tend to find affiliates to your product. Another show that’s beneficial is Ad-Tech. Ad-Tech was around the world but the 2 main shows are in the US, are New York as well as San Francisco so those are the 2 shows that you should definitely hit up if you’re looking for more traffic sources as well as affiliates to promote your product and service.

Ian: Great, that’s one way that is definitely very important. One way is how I used to do back in the day, basically what the competitor sites like the bloggers contact them and ask, “Hey, welcome to my product” and give them a higher incentive than what you usually do or give out to traditional affiliates so let's say you have a health product and you want to give to a high-end blog. Instead giving traditional 15% you can like give him 30% so you have to give them that type of incentive.

If you look at google sites, competitor site, affiliate sites, you can go ahead and also look at the information contact them and give it that way, that's another way you can find out who that affiliate is and usually most these domains are private but they have a private e-mail which would technically forward to any user anyway so that's one way to go and find affiliates.

Next question is what variables do your first test use when creating campaign? Headlines, images, titles, catchy names pages etc.

I mean variable to a variable kept in itself is very important. Its small full weight of test but you'll start to understand how and which variable you kept in as the result of your how or you why. I’m not sure if it's pertaining to Facebook or Google or maybe media buy but in any case you want to test multiple things either all at once or as individual.

So basically you want test the entire of them, they do 5 campaigns that 5 of the headline titles looks same images and same text, see which one is also in a higher CTR or ROI and then put them into another rotation where you do just the images in those 5 campaigns test and the vice versa of that copy. As for landing pages any such as background color, font sizes; we've tested multiple skin tones of women on our landing pages, titles so I mean what do you think?

Rohail: Yes, I mean absolutely the key thing with testings is that first of all you have to test enough. It’s statistically significant and the other thing is more tests, just a few variables at a time, preferably just one variable at a time because if you test too many things you don't know which variable is making a difference and you can do conversion. Like the inside images are critical to test, that's where I always start first. If you're doing Facebook ads, you can just play as wherever you want to them, just see which ones get the best hook through rates and conversion rate.

Following that, work on you ad copy, your title, your headline, the body of your advertisement. Start with the headline, that's what most people click on first or notice first so you want to attach 5 different headlines with the same, with your best performing image and then once you figure out the best image and headline combination, test out the body, the copy of the ads, so you want to break it down and go step by step and finally figure out which is the golden combination.

Ian: Yes, I mean if you're a beginner you definitely each variable by itself but if you do have a lot of volume and you do have a lot of money to spend on testing then you can do a bulk variation. Especially doing your landing pages, in this way you can quickly find out which combination works - fast. Especially on landing pages instead of doing like a testing headline, you can do headline, background color, font size, ad copy, color formation etc. all at once and after maybe a week worth of testing, you'll get a perfect combination in which one works best but this requires a lot of money and to do with. That’s why the best way to do it is start of basically individual to make sure, "You know that hey instead of working with this LP background color and this ad copy etc."

Quickly what kind of tracking software do you use at home that Prosper, CPV labs, or others?

Me, personally I have my own. I created my own since I started with prosper in the beginning when it first came out and over time of this add on and develop on top of my own tracker. As you grow as an affiliate or as you grow as a marketer entrepreneur technically started, you want more data and the more data that you have the better accuracy you can have on your tracker. I personally use CPV Labs back in the day, haven't really used it to full length, again just me personally I just grew on to Prosper but built onto it as my years of affiliate grew so.

Rohail: Right, and it's great that he using his own. sometimes you need something very customized but what I like to do is iMobiTrax I really find everything almost advance trackers out there, getting a ton of variable that you can track and it's great for both mobile and web. you have to use ultimately what's the best for you, what you feel is best for the kind of advertising we're doing offer but I find iMobiTrax to be pretty all in one. That comes with a monthly fee but I would say it's well worth it.

Ian: Cool, I have another pretty simple question, very generic.

Basically one person asked how did you guys started on the internet with very low experience in development, low experience within internet marketing. They basically want to know how to make money tomorrow and the answer to that is that you can't make money tomorrow. It’s technically impossible to make money tomorrow.

You have to understand that internet marketing you have to know that there's a lot of demographic researches, psychology marketing, there's performance marketing, there's performance base marketing. There's no technically blueprint for making one at line. It’s either that you're really hungry to make it or you're really not, there's no such blueprint. yet there is a blueprint to really give you step by step but then what happens tomorrow and step 1A of C is out of the equation because google changed their equation.

Now we have blueprint but you don't know what to think outside the box to figure what's going on so technically what I like to teach my students basically I just tell them I gave them strong foundation and add that foundation, they start become more creative and then they actually learn more a believe based odd, form a side, traffic side, etc., because it starts to become more an entertainment then. I really don't have great advice to say how you would make $100 by the end of the week because you can't.

That’s a saying that it's easy to make a million dollars but hard to make the 1st dollar and it proved the point because once you made the million dollars it's easy to replicate that amount over and over. It’s definitely hard to make your first dollar so it's all about drive and determination.

Rohail: Yes, Ian said pretty much everything but I would add to that like it really comes out on the consistency. Unless you're being consistent and looking at why you're failing or what's making campaign work vs not work. you really have to learn from your mistakes, you can't be throwing up all kinds of kinds of campaigns and testing them for a day or two and say "This isn't working" jumping on to the next offer. It's great to have insight, fulfilling amount of dreams and just people around you but something's only going to work when you put in the time and effort to make it work and you really got to put it, understand and learnt he concept as oppose to having monetary goal, I want to make  $100 by end of the week. It’s more important to learn how to do it so you can grow your business and make it more in long term.

Ian: Yes, and like we said you'd be getting basically you have to network with people. If you want to find affiliates you got to create a relationship. I know, when I first started I made my first thousand dollars because I have my affiliate managers back in the day and after that it just grew over time. I consistently talks, she talks me, she gets feedback on my ads and that's the way I started making money online.

Even though I spend maybe $50 a week it help but it grew to a point where I started making thousand dollars a week to a thousand dollars a day and now I am doing  basically almost 6 figures a day so it's all about the relationship and how you compare yourself in you to making that's been given to you. it's not like step 1, step 1A, step 1AB. it's all about, "How can I take step 1 and move in to a different register and get extra guys tomorrow” so that's a lot of thinking, that's definite thing about it. You'll never be a successful guy online and everybody talk to tell you there will be, it's easy to make money online. It definitely is just a lot of opportunities; it's just that it definitely have to work for you. Do you want to add anything else?

Rohail: No, I mean I think we pretty much covered everything. Again to recap go out to the shows, meet people network, figure out what makes successful people successful in the industry. Copy their habit, what they're doing right.

Ian: I wouldn't say copy.

Rohail: Well, I mean you don't want to copy exactly what they're doing wrong. I’m saying copy what's making them successful is that having a routine, wake up early and doing x, y, z every day, checking stats optimizing so that's what I mean by that and then follow that yes, just hone your skills like become better marketer every day. Read, copying, writing blogs, you copy writing books, books stock marketing all that, is going to come together and help you be successful in this business.

Ian: Cool so if you have any more questions I think me and Ro will do this again. We'll try to do this once a week so go and leave your feedback and comments in either in my blog post, his blog post, the video post, Twitter, Facebook anywhere that you can reach us by and we'll go ahead and answer them. We’re here for another couple more weeks so we definitely want to take advantage with the Q&A while we still have some amount of time with all the exploring. Alright guys that's it for now. Remember just leave your questions and that pretty it.

Rohail: That's good, see you guys later.

Ian: Alright, later. Peace!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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