Apsense Review: Social Network for Internet Marketers

By Ian Fernando

A social network can be one of your best marketing connections. It brings people and organizations together to the benefit of all. These connections are a matter of ties; the ties serves as links between the individuals in the membership chain. Sometimes there are social networks comprised of families that are spread out, areas and regions, organizations, social groups, and more.

Recently browsing through forums I have found a new social network specifically for marketing purposes, Apsense. Apsense is a free Social Network driven by its users who share common business interests. Our online service is FREE for anyone with Home Based Businesses. Imagine a place where you can connect with other business individuals and see how fast and easy it is to build your very own private social network!

Well I joined Apsense and I wanted to see how versatile it is. My first impression about the website, is that I dis not like the interface. The interface and colors didn't really catch my attention. After joining I decided to search friends and see some groups. Joining other groups and adding friends are very simple.

The only thing I have with Apsense is that it is fairly new that no one is really on it. Building a social network is already hard, especially with the competition of Myspace and other popular networks.

What separates Apsense from the rest is the self advertising to your users in your network. This means you can advertise to every user that is under your network. This is similar to a mailing list. You get your contacts and contact them via email with special products of promotions.

Well Apsense, works very similar. Apsense has a tool called Desktop Marketing or Apsense Express.

Apsense Express is a powerful client application that allows you to broadcast advertisements, articles, events, newsletters, messages and more ... straight to your network! It's a smart tool that sends your messages DIRECTLY to their computer desktops, that's impossible to miss! Traditional email messages gets lost, blocked by spam or filtered out but with Apsense Express your messages gets delivered instantly.

This simply just sits in your system tray and notifies you of any new messages and allows you to post advertisements to your network. This is a great tool and concept that Apsense has came up with. Simply marketing directly from your desktop. It allows you to keep in touch with your private network 24/7!

From the screen shot on the right, you can notice that you can easily add ads to post to your network for your whole network to see. To me this reminds me of Myspace Bulletins, but with out all the spam. Also, since Apsense targets only Internet Marketing Businesses it is direct targeted traffic with related contents to its members.

Apsense Express features the following:

  1. A simple, one click broadcasting system, deliver messages to everyone in your Network.
  2. Messages are sent directly to all recipient's computer desktops!
  3. Never have to worry about SPAM complaints or message blockers again!
  4. ...and much more!

Social Networks are continuously growing, and everyone is trying to take advantage of this opportunity. Brad Fallon has started the same concept for strictly Internet Business as well called FreeIQ. It is a social network intended for the merging of the internet into Web 2.0.

There are multiples platforms of networks out there, Myspace being the biggest. But targeted social networks sometimes becomes key to their success. Online dating is a very popular niche and does very well in getting users to their networks.

In the end I liked Apsense to an extent because I can advertise to my network. So the goal is to try to gather a huge amount of users under you. Again, the only downside I have with apsense is the interface.

As of right now there does not seem to be a good amount of blogs or sites out there that did a review. This site is fairly new as well, recently started up in May. Since it has only been a month, there seem to be a good amount of users and groups within apsense itself. But the main goal of Apsenseis to have users joining your network specifically. I say this because you can take advantage of Desktop Marketing to advertise to your users within your specific network.

Here is a snippet from their FAQs:

What can you do as an Apsense user?

  • Join Free & Create your profile within minutes.
  • Start building your own Private social network immediately.
  • Create or Join interest groups to expand your network and business.
  • Stay connected with your network by installing Apsense Express, our most popular & innovative communication tool.
  • Advertise your business to your Direct and Extended Network daily for Free.
  • Earn an extra income while using our free service with Apsense's Ad Network program.

To View More Click Here.
Since Apsense is targeting online business this maybe another popular social network which might break through the era of Web 2.0.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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