Are You Getting Ready for Black Friday?

By Ian Fernando

Why does it got to be black Friday! Why can't it be a white Friday, everything these days is all about color. Ha, so anyways what are you doing about Black Friday? I know I have been working pretty damn hard on some websites and a new social marketing experiment I encountered. I have been working more closely with LinkShare and ShareaSale because this time of year is more about physical items.

Black Friday is the following day after Thanksgiving and it is the time of year when people like to shop. I personally know this time of year can yield a big return for some affiliate marketers and anyone that is selling online. I am also been slow on some of my CPA stuff right now because of this reason. Today, I finally pinged some of my AMs for some offers base on the holidays and the upcoming events.

But the question holds, what are you doing for Black Friday? If you are an affiliate marketer, this time of year is crucial - I think anyways. Even Cyber Mondays is a great way to earn a nice chunk of change. There are multiple ways to earn money in the next couple of day and onto the new year.

  • Make Money with eBay
    Build a Niche Store is a great way to quickly throw up an ebay virtual store. Once that is up it is all about promoting. The best way is to promote via Craigslist, because everyone is trying to find a discount. But you have to make your store unique, simple start out with data and content and give your virtual store a unique web template and design. Once that has been done you have a store that can provide you income.
  • Make Money with Gift Cards
    Another great and easy way to get and earn money during this holiday season is to promote gift cards via CPA networks or CPS networks. I know Share a Sale has recently updated their Gift Cards section and has a ton of great stuff there. Also CPA networks has great deals on 50$ gift cards and up, simply promote and you get 1$ plus for just someone entering their email address. I suggest joining: Market Leverage or CX Digital - they seem to have good offers there.
  • Make Money with Free Give a Ways
    Similar to Gift Cards, CPA networks has a ton of offers that has free give aways, Win a Free Xbox, Win a Free Nintendo WII, etc. You also get paid on a per action, so it will be 1$ or higher - depends on the network and offer. I recommend Hydra Network and NeverBlueAds for this. They have good offers base on the upcoming events.
  • Make Money with Coupon/Deal Sites
    This is what I currently did, I revamped my Deals website and started to play around with Datafeeds. I am trying to find a great system to automate the publication of it so I can get ready for Friday. I just need a couple more graphics and more offers to push on the site. Other than that it should be ready. But creating a deals website is pretty simple, just upload datafeeds and or rss data and you have a deal website. It can also be manually done and sometimes have to be manually done for quality but you can quickly throw up a site and start banking from it. ShareaSale and LinkShare has great deals and good access to their datafeeds.

Now the question is what are you doing for Black Friday as well as Cyber Monday?

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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