Are You Watching & Monitoring Your Affiliate Links?

By Ian Fernando

OfferSnitch is out and it has gotten better and looks much better as well. I released this tool last year at ad-tech San Fran and it started getting some buzz. So I decided this is a tool that is needed in the industry and which is needed to help protect affiliates. The biggest problem and one that comes up multiple times is why networks don't tell their affiliates of on page offer changes or offers going down or redirected to an offer wall.

I hate that I am not notified of these changes. I have spoke about these issues multiple times on my blog before. I was getting tired of this happening to me multiple times, that i figured other high volume affiliates are being affected as well. I even have an article written up in the FeedFront Magazine about theses issues.

Nothing out there was created to help monitor an affiliate link. So I decided to go ahead and get it developed for me. Then I soft launched it at ad-tech San Fran and saw people had interest. So I started to invite users to the program slowly and got a lot of great feedback.

Below is the 2nd revision of the backend, much cleaner that the previous design.

I am truly excited about this system since it has helped me multiple times with offers going down and even showing proof to a network that a change was made without being notified. I remember being in an argument with a network stating that my traffic was being redirected during different times of the day. What I did at the time without OfferSnitch was bitch and complain. I did take action by proving them my stats, the offer I was promoting, the landing page and traffic I was using. All I asked in return was quality reports to their logs. I wanted to see that they didn't change the redirects themselves. They denied me access.

I was mad and basically just gave up at that point. Instead of fighting with the network, I went off and got OfferSnitch made. Now I have the exact time when an offer changes whether it be redirect links, IDs within the redirect links, landing page changes, offers going down, offers going to a offer wall, etc. I NOW have visibility and have control.

I essentially can stop my traffic or switch out a link, once I know the change has occurred. Every time an offer goes down, you essentially lose money. When a landing page has changed, you lose money - because you put your time and effort into your landing page to match and even adjust copy to match the advertisers LP. If the landing page changed, your strategy after the click is rendered useless - high bounce rate.

This is why I created this platform to help affiliates link myself be in control of their link. Prior, we didn't have control. We only controlled our tracking link. We can switch out links from time to time and rotate, that is about the extent we as publishers have. With OfferSnitch being an affiliate link checker and the ability to detect web page changes, gives us more control.

Take a look at the video below, it gives a quick overview of Offer Snitch and what it can do.

Now that we have more control over our links and offers, we can go back to the network and ask them to credit our traffic if need be. OfferSnitch is a solid platform and if the network does not want to show you their reports, then suspicion will arise. I let OfferSnitch monitor all my affiliate links, assuring no one (network or advertiser)  is using my traffic for their own benefit.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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