Asking the Expert: John Hasson

By Ian Fernando

Ever since I left Affiliate Summit West, in Rio, I have kept in touch with a lot of people. This provided me great access to some tips and even some interviews. Today or late last night I had the opportunity to speak to John Hasson. I was very energized to speak to John again - since the last time we spoke was via twitter.

I met John at Affiliate Summit West and we interacted a lot. Spoke of certain aspects at the convention and just hanged out. John was one of the speakers at "Ask the Experts" - his table was the most populated table. Many just had to stand up because there were no more chairs to sit in. A lot of users were attacking him multiple questions which John has answered honestly by experience, I like that. I do not like speakers speaking out of their ass because they are labeled as an expert.

As you can see below at the Affiliate Summit Ask the Expert Session, John had the most crowded table there.

John spoke about PPC marketing and he really went in deep details from his past experience. He was also polite to all questionnaires. Giving each and everyone a chance to ask questions. If you have not already seen a 'paparazzi' recording of John by an SOB, you can view him live at Affiliate Summit while speaking to others. Mr. Hasson is a really friendly guy to talk to an energetic, he even gave me a small opportunity to speak about one of my better PPC networks, ClickRiver.

During the phone interview, I talked about why John's PPC table was more packed than everyone else - the 'popular table.' Here is my reason why John's table was the popular table. The convention was all about Affiliate Marketing and John's table was about PPC marketing - which is related to affiliate marketing.

If I was an affiliate marketer I would be at the table too - his table targeted the affiliates more so than the other tables. Users and beginners wanted to know more about how to work with Adwords to get better conversion or even click through rates. Adwords is being used by so many affiliate marketer, beginners want to know the key aspects of PPC.

While on this phone interview with John we discuss how John became and affiliate marketer and how he arrived at it by accident. John Hasson has been in affiliate marketing for almost 2 years and he has created multiple programs to help him through out his affiliate marketing years.

To listen to our phone interview just hit play below.

Ian Fernando
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