Associated Marketing, What is It?

By Ian Fernando

I got a couple emails asking what associated marketing was from one of my posts, so I decided to explain it.

Just a couple days ago I showed you my CTRs for my Facebook Campaign, which took advantage of a buzz. In that post I talked about how I brought a specific item or in this case color, to represent something. That something can be a person, brand, item, groups, etc - it can be anything. This is why a lot of big brand companies spend so much time and even money on the right brand logo, slogan, color, etc. They want to make sure that this logo will surpass years of bombarded media.

The video above talks about how I created the campaign and how I use association to my advantage. One good example that happens offline is when you are with a group of friends, a person or a cop will quickly categorize you base on your surroundings. It is just an instinct to survival and it happens all the time. We often think and judge someone base on who they are with because it assets the situation.

Another simple explanation is in advertising. We are always looking at a logo or some item that represents a company or brand. Car logos we continuously see everyday, on the road or commercials. It is being embedded in our minds that this is a Cadillac, this is a Chevy, etc. We have such good brand recognition, we can point out a logo without the company's slogan. By the mere fact we consistently see a brand or logo means we are neurologically programmed to just know it.

Apple does a great job at this and several other big companies. Now lets take a look at my ad below:

As you can see I used orange as the associated variable. My reason for this is Mayweather wore orange trunks, orange shoes, orange gloves. So in the end users will know that Orange = Mayweather. This specific campaign was wrap around the buzz of the punch. As you can see I created an orange border around the image campaign while also showing the orange gloves. I didn't have to put Mayweather in the image at all, the color orange is already doing that for me.

Even though the fight was an obvious of who is fighting who, I can extend this campaign way pass the actual fight date and users should still remember orange = Mayweather. Remember during the 4 weak rounds, orange sticks out and it is consistently being fed to the end user. This in turns just neurologically embeds who is who by the color of their trunks.

So that is what associated marketing is about. I hope I answered your emails for those that asked about it. It is a simple concept that can be utilized for any sort of marketing campaign.

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Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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