Azoogle Ads: Publisher Appreciation Day

Great times at the Azoogle Publisher Appreciation Day, which was a couple hours ago. I get to take a tour of the Azoogle Ads office, which was pretty small but very clean – it had a dentistry feeling to it, all white and clean. I was rushing to get to the Azoogle gathering to meet up with more people but I was late. I just met up with Jonathan Volk, Jeremy aka ShoeMoney, and my account manager Erin.

Rushing caused me more delays…

I wanted to get to New York by 4:30 ish but arrived at 5:30 – just when everyone was leaving to go to the Latitude Bar. I took the train and got on the wrong train because I was rushing, so that really killed my time. I then had to walk several blocks because the original train I was suppose to take would take me right to their office literally 2 blocks I think. Since I took the wrong train I had to go to 3 other trains just get to the right street. Once on the right street it was another couple blocks before I got to their office. But I mean I think I got in at a good time because Shoe and Jonathan were doing the webmaster radio show live.

I finally got to meet Shoemoney and Jonathan.

I also got to meet my account manager Erin.

While the show was happening and I really did not want to interrupt I went around and started taking pictures of the office. The office was on the 12th floor of some bigger building and it was just 1 floor – I mean its an affiliate network and plus they have other branches as well. This is their branch in New York.

Latitude Bar in New York.

At the bar I was hungry and those finger foods were not filling at all. I went ahead and order me some lobster quesadillas. I didn’t get to eat anything before coming to this gather, so while drinking why not have some food. Also I was surprised to see some marketers in the tri state area. I met some great people, though it was not bit or were there a lot of affiliates, but it is great to see who are entrepreneurs in your over all area.

Overall it was a very good experience to meet with my account manager and discuss other aspects of affiliate marketing and new upcoming offers. At the end I left early, I had to do some other things like visit my aunt in Jersey City and be in time for Americas’ Best Dance Team (which is basically me on TV =P). But this is a great experience and surprise to see there are other marketers in my area, I hope there are more gatherings like this in the future!

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