Back from Florida, Search Engine Strategies Tomorrow!

By Ian Fernando

I arrived from Florida early this morning, like 9:30am! I had about 3 hours of sleep because  ended up going out to drink for a couple hours then headed out to the airport at 4:45am! Damn! Well Florida was great and amazing, the only reason why I went down to Florida was because Jersey is getting cold. Also after 2 weeks in Africa: Morocco and coming back to cold, argh.

I was getting comfortable with warm weather, I mean it snowed 2 days after I came back to Jersey. So I decided to go to Florida to visit my cousins and 2 of my business partners. Florida was great I stayed in Orlando for a couple days and met up with blog readers, networks, affiliates, and family. I hanged with my cousin in Orlando and chilled with my nephew.

One day my business partner, Digga came up and got me to take me to go to Daytona Beach for spring break, below is a snapshot of the beach view from our hotel.


It definitely was a fun night, almost honestly got in a fight. This dude defintely blast his beer at me and Digga. I definitely was mad and told him what it was, then his 2 other friends came in. They all apologize, ofcourse.

After that it was a crazy night.

In Orlando I met up with Jani G and Joey Kissimee and we hanged out in Downtown Orlando. It definitely was fun, too bad Jani G didn't drink. He did drink heavy in Miami though! After a night out I basically hanged with my cousins the rest of the days before I went to Miam.

While I was in Florida I did meetup with Market Leverage and Convert2Media, videos and seperate post coming soon.

I drove to Miami and met up with a blog reader from September (last time I was in Miami) and we basically chilled. In Miami almost got in trouble with the police and people in the club, man. Overall everyhing was smooth and definitely enjoyed myself, but back to Jersey and work.

BTW, Florida Mashup Video below.


Tomorrow is SES! Search Engine Strategies!

I will be attending SES tomorrow and meeting up with PPC Mafia. I will also be hanging with Kris Jones that night as well with Direct Agents during the day. This is going to be my first SES and I overlooked their sites, it looks interesting because I may be able to talk to new companies about new traffic, though I do not like 2nd tier search engines for traffic. There are other companies that look interesting that I may want to talk business too.

Well, if you will be in NY tomorrow and visitng SES let me know. I will only be there for just a day, I have to catch up with multiple projects and campaigns while I was away.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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