Back in Jersey and Back to Work!!

I returned from Morocco and definitely going to miss it! I met a lot of new people there and just the weather alone. The weather there I was great nice ass clear skies with a bright sun. Well anyways, I did a lot of things while on vacation. I chilled went clubbing every other night, bought some souvenirs (not those traditional souvenirs) – glasses and clothing.

Well, since I am back I have been catching up on email that I haven’t answered and starred while I was away and I have been reading my rss readers for a bit this morning. I have a bunch of reading to do and email answering to do. I also have a lot of work to do in the next couple days, campaigns catch up with partners, networks, programmers just a lot of things. I might be doing a bunch of outcoursing today just because of the work load.


While in Morocco I did a bunch of things and I did do some email and looking over some campaigns. There were days where I was down and some offers were being redirected. I made sure that I wasn’t putting too much traffic where I can’t control it, because it would suck if I send a bunch of traffic and I don’t know how that traffic is doing.

Well, I will be talking about marketing in the next couple days. I have a bunch of stuff to catchup with today and I will leave you with a video mash up of my vacation, wonder why the first video I did isn’t being seen on youtube yet, well here is the 2nd video.


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