Back on the Grind: 1 Week of PPC Stats

By Ian Fernando

Yay, I made it through my first week. Since getting back on my grind I have done pretty well in PPC. I have even showed you my 1 day result after getting back on the grind as well. I think I did pretty well with my 1 week stats, especially getting back to the swing of things. BAH! I also even had issues with a network and they really ticked me off yesterday.

But anyways...

Here are my stats for one week and promoting 1 campaign. I did not group all the other campaigns together. I want to keep this simple. So you can easily see that I started the week good with a pretty big gap on the weekend. I do not know what happened during the weekend, I got no clicks and very low impressions. You can even see I had close to coming even on my second and third day.

This specific campaign was only being published on Google Adwords. So my first day, I simply just picked my campaign and created 4 ads for rotation. This was within 1 ad group and just 1 campaign. With this specific campaign I started off with 175 keywords then through out the week I filtered them out base on average position, QS, and bid. I soon took the top keywords and made several other similar campaigns.

My Spendings

My daily limit a day was $100, but it never really met it - usually it was at $65-$85 a day. Also my max keyword bid was at .65 cents but it never really met, I was paying .05-.45 cents per click. Most of my keywords quality score was listed at 'Great' - so that means lower bids per click.

The next two days after my first day resulted in slow days - again I have no clue why, do not know why Google was doing this to me. This happened again on the weekends. But I lost a couple dollars - looking at it you can't really see that I lost money but I did. But I recovered the next day and came a little stronger.

Between the two days and the fourth day I also found this specific campaign does not do well during the late nights. So I filtered when this specific campaign can be shown. I timed it to be mid morning and late at night, so my ads are more shown to more prospects and not really messing up my CTR because no one wants to do this offer late at night.

Fourth day I came strong and I added more keywords and again filtered keywords ending up with 75 keywords and added a new add. For some reason adding a new ad variation in rotation cause Google to show my ad more - not too sure if that makes sense. But once I submitted a new ad, my ad was being shown more frequently, making me money.

The weekend was the worst I do not know why none of my ads were being shown. It was not just this specific affiliate campaign but all my ad groups were not showing any of their ads - or very little of it. I was pissed I decided to IM and talk to some of the affiliate marketers I know, their ad display was also happening to the, but not as as bad as mine but their impressions did drop. I am not sure what to make of it for the weekend. I turned off my campaign mid day on Saturday and did the same on Sunday since I saw no change.

The 7th day it finally picked up to its normal routine, but I was trying to figure out what was going on with the weekend I have not found any answer, anyone have an answer? But being back on the grind and not being depressed on the BIG money I lost in January has pushed me to just do better. I know that I have to get it together and expect lost even BIG lost in PPC.

After my first day I was excited and went stronger on my campaigns researching and finding ways to get better keywords and better quality scores. Basically, PPC is all research and figuring out what is working for that specific landing page and really not the niche itself. I say this because I got the same campaign off another network willing to pay me higher for promoting it and their landing page was different. Same offer, different landing page. But fewer slower conversions. I copied the ads, keywords, ad copy etc - just different results.

In the end I came out positive. Now I need to scale it and replicate it.

I might break up my week into a learning section because there was a lot of information I can write about. hmmm.....

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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