Back on the Grind: PPC Marketing

By Ian Fernando

So after some thought and depression of my January BIG lost, I decided to go ahead and start back up with PPC marketing. I have a couple spare change lying on the floor, so I will use it and see if I can make something of it. I will be doing a dating website and hope to convert. All the networks provided really good numbers on one particular campaign. So this time I will trust my affiliate managers.

Just a Re Cap...

All yesterday I got multiple calls and emails from other networks. I was being pulled in "Ian, JOIN MY NETWORK!" "Ian, WE ARE BETTER". What about "LEAVE ME ALONE NETWORKS." I should have never handed out my business cards, syke. This is actually good - last night was the first time an affiliate network was willing to change some commission payouts just so I can promote through their network. Cool.

Back to Present Moment...

I went a head and decided to talk to one of my affiliate manager and get more information on the topic I wanted to promote. He gave me some stats and I did my analyzing and thinking and researching. I decided since I just started with this specific network and my affiliate manager is willing to work with me I went ahead and started to promote the campaign on their network.

I am doing PPC marketing and I know I will convert most of the traffic <-being positive here. So I decided to do direct linking, even though I think a landing page will do far better than the campaigns landing page. I asked my manager and he says the conversion with direct linking will be good. If not I will make a landing page for it, over this weekend, if I have time.

My First Campaign...

So I decided to go ahead and hit PPC up again and try to waste earn more money. I like PPC a lot because it is fast traffic and you can see your results right away. With the help of Tracking202 I will see what is converting, I use to use Excel. With this specific campaign I have created 5 ad variations and started at a low CPC with only 79 specific keywords. This niche is crowded. I am going big!

This specific dating website is a very simple landing page and converts on first page. It is very popular among all the networks that I have asked about and I decided to go a head and promote it. I usually do not follow the crowd and promote what everyone is promoting, too much saturation. But my affiliate managers are saying it converts well, if they are all saying it then I will go ahead and promote it.

This specific campaign is being promoted via Google Adwords and has a daily spend. I have slowed it down at night since I started it late last night. This morning I ramped up my CPC so I can get more exposure.

Types in the morning, sorry for any writing errors.

Let's find out how I do, updates on this coming.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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