Be a Rockstar FOOL at Social Marketing

By Ian Fernando

Social marketing is all over the internet, it is literally the best way to network. It is true and you have heard it "Its not what you know, its WHO you know." This is very true because we feel more comfortable with someone skills that we already know. It feels strange to just put someone new into a new position and having to teach them everything all over again. So networking in the past has change a lot and I mean a lot. Back in the day we were scared to talk to someone online, now we openly talk to perfect strangers on the opposite end of the world.

As you know social marketing is a powerful too to gain traffic, backlinks, friends, JV partners, etc. I use social marketing in ways to gain traffic and to gain new friends to which I can leverage from. Well, yesterday I had a great opportunity to talk to a marketer who specializes in social marketing. If you have not already heard of Alejandro then you need to get to right now. Alejandro is a very open and 'loud' person. I was first contacted by him via twitter, when that happened I just visit his blog and found videos of him just talking and providing a lot of information.

Yesterday, I saw something interesting on his blog a contest to his 8 week program in social marketing. Knowing how Alejandro personality is I asked him right away if there is an affiliate system for his specific product. The reason I asked right away is because he is attacking a niche no one is attacking the way he is.

When you look at social marketing it is about 'spamming' the social networks or attacking it at an SEO perspective or even deceptive method. Alejandro has a nice 8 week system that he has posted and since he didn't have an affiliate system, I pinged him if he would like to do an interview and discuss Social Marketing Rockstar. We talked prior to the interview and even a little after, but Alejandro speaks a lot of good information during our podcast.

He even goes into a little more details about his contest which he is extending to my readers. So take a look as well and get a chance to learn directly from Alejandro. Well without anymore delay, here is the podcast between me and Alejandro about social networking and being a social marketing rockstar!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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