Be More Productive when You Max Out?

By Ian Fernando

As you know I can not start my PPC campaign until I pay off my credit cards. A lot of you has helped me chose the right cards to really run my ppc campaigns. I have been using my personal card and now it is maxed out. I already received several payments and I am in the process of paying my credit card and then Adwords. Once that is done I have some other plans I would like to do prior to getting back into PPC.

But what have I been doing while I have not been marketing? Well I have been trying to gain more traffic to my blog and started putting more content on my other websites. I also started 2 new websites and I am currently adding new content to it, so I still have been busy. I also have set new goals and new projects for the future.

I also have been working and re editing one of my sales letters as one of my new digital products has been modified. I am also working on a new bundle digital product and creating a sales page for that as well. One last project I have been working on is creating a personal forum for discussions and help with my digital products I sell.

As you can see even though I have not been doing PPC I am still very busy. Imagine doing all this plus PPC marketing? I literally need like 5 of me. But this proves a point; entrepreneurs are always busy and always thinking. I have a white board full of ideas and now I am getting to some of them.

Some of my goals were to create a passive income from 2 new sites that I am creating. My goal is to provide PPC traffic and generates a steady income from these sites. I have noticed some of my campaigns have expired from some of my networks and now I want to have a steady flow of income from specific niches. I do not want to put my time into something that will expire after 3 months or so.

But specific seasons call for specific offers - which I do not mind doing the research for. But this blog post is about thinking and how to properly think if you are stuck in specific situations.

Since I am waiting to pay off my credit cards and trying to register my LLC (so many questions I need to clear my head). I have found a lot of ways to think outside and still make myself productive.

How to be more productive:

  1. Enjoy What You Do
    This is important because if you do not enjoy what you are doing then no ideas come to you. You need to enjoy your current situation and more ideas will come. The more you enjoy the more you will feel it is not work and more of just a daily exercise that you enjoy. If you think it is another task then you will find things hard and your brain will be everywhere. Focus on the enjoyment of your situation.
  2. Dream of your Future
    Dreaming of the future gives you a big advantage. You can decide what you want to do and be. How much money you want and how successful you will be. Your dreams are like paved roads, you are creating it as you go and think. The more you think and feel positive about it you will feel better and want to push yourself to reach that dream.
  3. Always be Positive
    Being positive is the key to happiness. Not worrying about the future or the aspects of risk gives you a better feeling than always thinking about it. I personally do not think about bad aspects of marketing or my bills. They are always going to be there so why think about them, you ca no not get rid of them they are just there. Positivity is hard to generate because of these repeated aspects of life, just do not think about it and you will feel much better.
  4. Close your IM Clients especially Twitter!
    Instant Messaging Clients and email can be a huge distraction. Put yourself on invisible or close them. Twitter can be a huge distraction since we are nosy people; we always want to know what is going on. So twitter is a huge distraction since you want to know what your friends are thinking about or even listening to. Especially me, I get a lot of IMs and I try to help out when I can but sometimes I need to focus on my projects and will reject others and not even respond. I mean I need to make a living too.
  5. Write Down Ideas
    Ideas are generated from every time you read something or experience something. They become more fluent especially if you are always dreaming and staying positive. I write all my ideas down no matter how awkward they are or if they are even feasible. I have a white board where I generally write it down or I write it down on my phone if I am not home. Several of my ideas have come true and I am grateful for that. If I didn't write my ideas down I would have probably never remembered them. Keeping track of ideas is very productive since you have it written down and it makes you want to accomplish it.

So I used these small aspects to help me stay productive even though I am not doing my daily routine or got out of my daily routine. Since I am now slowing down with PPC marketing I want to make sure I want to have the right productivity ideas still flowing through my head. I will also be preparing to make 1k a day goal reality as I have learned a lot in the past couple months in PPC. I just want to make sure it is under a business name. 🙂

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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