Beach Body Coaches are Hardcore Marketers

By Ian Fernando

Ever since I started P90X I have been approached by coaches to become a coach or a member of their team. I am contacted everyday by at least 1 coach. So I decided to talk to one coach and asked him how this system work. If you have seen my Facebook status or twitter, I was looking for a P90X offer.

The reason for this is because Beach Body does not have an affiliate program, well they do they just run their model totally different. Very similar to an MLM model. Also, the way they word their program is very similar to any affiliate program or even merchant.

In any case... I just want to ramble about Beach Body Marketers...

As everyone know I am trying to get back into shape, so I decided to do P90X. There is so much hype around it, ehh why not give it a try. Once doing the program I leaned up real quick, 1 week time. Anyways, this isn't what I want to talk about. Beach Body Marketers are one hell of a marketer.

These people attack you like hungry MLM'rs do. They see my tweets about P90X or any type of exercise and then they ask if I want to be a coach. Now, I stated before I wanted to promote P90X but couldn't go direct. They do not have an affiliate program, essentially they do but to only buyers.

I am goin to break this down to the best knowledge I have gathered from numerous Beach Body coaches...

This is how their system works. To join their  'affiliate' system you have to pay $40 to join + some business fee. Then they show you a model which says there are 9 ways to join...

  1. Retail Profit
  2. Club Membership
  3. Pack Bonuses
  4. Pack Sponsor Bonuses
  5. Shakeology System
  6. Team Bonuses
  7. Matching Bonus
  8. Quarterly Bonus
  9. Business Centers

If you have done MLM before internet marketing... yes I am a victim... then this model looks fairly similar. But being a coach you earn 25% per order a member makes from your website (which is hosted on Beach Body).

Then one of the best benefits I as told is the fact people will continually buy from a club membership. Meaning they are rebilled and resent a protein bar case, basically they are refilling the users order of Shakeology drinks or nutrition they previously ordered.

Then it goes down into bonuses... honestly I lost it from there. But these coaches are hardcore marketers because they love what they do but are always selling. I was talking to one person and he would give me advice but the last sentence would be, why not be a coach or interested in becoming a coach.

I would say I don;t like dealing with people or I don't have enough knowledge to coach someone into health. Then they go into something saying Beach Body takes care of that. In essence they are promoting their Beach Body link to me to sign up and buy directly from Beach Body.

I was also told the best part is the upselling and continuous purchases people make. Sure makes sense, continuity offers are always working plus people need to refill their protein shakes. So this downline buys from the upline and the upline makes money.

But I looked at it like this... what if I was able to almost do the same thing but with an auto responder for health fanatics. I send them a reminder once every 2 weeks or maybe even once a month to a website I recommend to purchase protein from. Easy continuous income.

Another thing I found weird is these coaches are growing Beach Body's brand and not themselves as coaches. One issue I quickly found was because most of these people are not tech savy and do no understand what a domain is. They just do a lot of referral marketing to their link.

I would rather grow a brand about being a coach and grow myself as being knowledgeable in the field. I do not like branding for someone else too much unless it benefits me in the long run.

Since I created a website about my health and wellness and me doing P90X I have been getting bombarded with tweets and emails about how I shouldn't give info on my blog and I should 'coach' someone. The reason I assume is because I can earn money, but the blog will earn money in the long run. I actually have a big game plan for it...

So what I learned from these Beach Body Coaches are that they are persistent and and very happy what they do. These people are willing to help everyone in the fitness world as well as being hard sellers. I have met many non hard sellers but would bring up the question about being a coach, while others are everyday attacking me.

Coaches are fun to talk to as most of them are women I have been talking to. The men are just hardcore sellers, looking in their best interests.

They are also hustlers with a different paying model, that just got too complicated for me. Anyways... like Tony Horton says... BRING IT!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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