Being Productive with my iPhone

By Ian Fernando

Waited in line for 4 hours on Saturday, July 12th for the friggin Apple iPhone. I actually made new friends on there and there is the hype of waiting in line that brings out other personalities. I woke up at 7am on that Saturday in hopes to grab the Apple iPhone, BUT a line answered me when I entered the mall. I was pissed. Well I ended being very sleepy and tired, yet I managed to stay on line and wait for the this ridiculous iPhone.

I manage to communicate with other iPhone fans and talked about the hype of the iPhone. Sad to say I was tired in the first hour of waiting and reallykept to myself. Until the 3rd hour I was more active in conversations and started to just have fun in line. A weird aspect was that a person that was all the way at the end paid someone $100 to take his spot at number 4 (I think, I was number 9). This was at the 4 hour mark and I can actually the iPhone in my hands. Crazy things that people will do to get in line.

Once I got my iPhone I danced out of the line and into the store, glad to have finally waited for such a long time in exchange for a 15 minute activation. I finally went home and took a nap, then played around with my iPhone. I enjoy the new iPhone because I think it is more productive than the BlackJack and BlackBerry I have. I started to research some apps for my new toy and then I found some really great programs and some ehh. Listed below are my productive apps that I have downloaded.

Here are some productive iPhone applications that I downloaded and would like to share:

  1. Twitterrific
    Yea so I am a twitter nut and I am always eager to see what others have to saw. Follow me on Twitter. This app does not auto refreshes, but it does have a nice little interface and very simple and easy to use.
    There was no good apps out there that can handle all the logins of YM, AIM, MSN, Gtalk, etc. So I found that recognizes the Apple iPhone and adapts its interface to work with the end user. You just need to have a Meebo Account and it will log into all your messenger platforms.
    This is another great website to go to and if you do go to BlogLines via your iPhone, bloglines auto adjust it's web interface to work with the end user. It is very simple and let's you read all your rss feeds in one location. I was hoping I wasn't going to find a new RSS reader and then update it because of my iPhone.
  4. AOL Radio/Pandora
    Sometimes you need to relax and I found these 2 radio stations to work very well. Pandora is very personal while AOL Radio acts more like a radio station.
  5. Facebook
    I am a pretty social guy and Facebook is a great way to keep up with the community, especially with my friends business and friends I grew up with. It is a great way to just relax and see what everyone is up to.
  6. Easy Task Manager
    Back to business. When it comes to daily meetings or calls, I tend to get sidetrack - so a task manager will help me with quick notes and reminders as to when things will pop up.
  7. Loopt/Whrrl
    Social networking by location. Loopt is a social networking app that picks up your current location and see if any of your friends are around or others. Whrrl find your location and suggests quick spots that might be useful to you such as a StarBucks.
  8. PayPal
    I get notifications on my phone from PayPal on how much I have earned from a digital product. I would like to see my balance and see where I stand for the day. Also this is really convenient if I want to send money 'on the spot' to someone or a business partner. I do not have to find a computer and log in, I can do it right form my iPhone.
  9. Voice Dialer
    This is a great friggin application. I can voice dial anyone I want with out going through my contacts. It does take a while but it pulls the right person every time. It is easy for me to just walk and dial to the person I need without scrolling through my address book.

Screenshot of my Apps on my Apple iPhone:

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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