Being Unique with Creative Marketing

By Ian Fernando

Recently I have been put on John Chow's Blog. I had a video interview with John, where John was not participating in my questions but more interested in drinking and playing around with his technology toys. Well, all I did was create a false interview of him with his pictures he has lying aroud the internet.

This got the attention of John Chow and he posted the video on his blog. I received a good amount of traffic from his blog and I was thankful for that. What caught me by surprise is I think I am the only person that did this type of video marketing before. Reading all the comments from John's post, I was given recognition from all of John's readers. I will post some of the response below.

The best part is that I did not have to buy anything or pay John nothing it was all FREE. Usually to experience the "Chow affect" you need to buy ad spots within his blog or rss feeds. I got on there without buying a ReviewMe or Text Link Ads. How? Well I think I can say is because of creative marketing.

In a nutshell, creative marketing is doing something out of the box, something no one has done (even though, I thought someone did something like this before), taking things to a new level. I have created an almost real interview with John Chow. It was just me and pictures that I found on the internet about him.

Since I did take theater in high school and I was a dance choreographer for my college, I thought of a creative way to interview him. I simply took his pictures and made a story with them. If you have not seen the video you can view it here, here, or here. Watch it carefully and tell me if that is a creative move.

My goal for this video was for John Chow to see it and if he did, I think that he would share it with his readers for a laugh. It did take a while since this video was posted on created and posted on YouTube on August 12, 2007 and John posted the video on August 30, 2007. I do not think this is bad it only took a little over 2 weeks for John to find it and I was happy and glad he posted it on his blog. My creative hard work paid off.

I use Creative Marketing all the Time

Creative marketing to me is being different from everyone else. For example I enhanced my ShareThis plugin so I can boost my Alexa traffic from the heavy traffic I would receive from social bookmarking sites. There are so many other aspects that I have done which is different from others. It helped me from either spending money for a program or script or it helped me increase traffic or my email list. This type of marketing I can say prove to be the difference from being a regular internet marketer vs a creative internet marketer.

I suggest reading these 2 post by 2 great authors, one is by Steve Pavlina on Creative Observation and the other is by John Wesley on the Secret to Creativity. Each of these posts helps you inspire your inner thoughts and creative mind. Thinking differently can mean you saturating your content with others or being unique.

I really was blessed and glad I was put on John Chow's blog and I thank him. I hope I have entertained every one of his readers and especially John. Here are some comments from his post that I thought was inspirational:

Seo Optimization says:

Oh in any case this was a great move by Ian Fernando 😉 haha, I have seen the guy moving here and there for a bit now…seems like he did hit the spot 🙂

Well done Ian.

SoftSled says:

Flame him all you want but I thought it was at least creative.

Good job Ian.

Geedos says:

And also the first to do it - I’m sure lots of people are reading this thinking why didn’t I think of that!

Carl Zetterlund says:

When someone does something like that…

You know you’ve made it!

I’m waiting for my day when someone conducts an interview using my pictures. 😮

Etienne Teo says:

It was creative work from ian, using screenshots and video to do a interview.

Chris Guthrie says:

Yah, he certainly gets credit for creativity lol.
That’s pretty funny.

Word Hugger says:

That is a creative linkbaiting method 😉

Hamilton Ontario Web Design says:

Very clever, good job on getting the John Chow effect for free 🙂

My goal now is what can I do to attract Mr. Darren Rowse's attention. He does not have as much pictures as John does. Hmm......

Ian Fernando
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