Bevo Media Released, a 202 Killer?

By Ian Fernando

This is a dual post by me and Ryan Bukevicz. The first half is written by Ryan giving an intro while the second part are my thoughts.

Bevo Media has officially launched its new internet marketing management platform. Three years in the making, Bevo is finally opening up its doors to the industry. With such extensive features, a long developmental period followed by intense beta testing were a must to ensure that the platform is everything the industry has come to expect…and more.

With Bevo Media, users can track, manage and optimize their PPC, PPV and Media Buy campaigns all from one central interface. The goal of Bevo is consolidation. It brings together everything on the expense side of things and everything on the revenue side of things to allow publishers to see all of their information. Bevo allows you to install your affiliate networks in their entirety so you can browse and receive offer codes without leaving the interface. Also, they have a full PPC editor (sort of like the Adwords editor, but with all the engines) which allows publishers to create and edit PPC campaigns and “cross-post” them to multiple traffic sources….again, all without leaving the interface. Best of all, Bevo Media is free to the userbase.

Bevo Media also offers a variety of other useful affiliate marketing tools. They have a full marketplace where you can get landing pages, SEO, articles and consulting. They have an extensive classroom for those who are new to the industry or for anybody to brush up on some knowledge. All in all, Bevo Media is a true game changer in the industry.

Here’s a look at some shots of the site. To learn more, create a free account

My thoughts...

I had Bevo for quite a while now and I definitely like the 1 stop shop aspect of the platform. There are some real flawless parts about Bevo like the network stats, which updates your earnings from the network and the one stop shop marketplace, which is growing.

The interface does take a little getting use to, when I first was in beta I did ask Ryan where things were. It only took me a day to get use to it and maneuver around the interface. The fact it incorporates media buys, ppv and ppc campaigns makes this a universal platform.

In the past Ryan has always held Bevo back from the public especially last Affiliate Summit West. He had a booth and it created some really good buzz about his product. I don't know if it was a marketing tactic he approach it with but he did a really good job at creating a "want it now" buzz around Bevo.

Now that it is out, how will it compare to the more popular Tracking202? Ever since the 202 buy out (which has been bought back), a lot of other affiliates were looking for alternatives. At that time I think Bevo came in the right time which brought the buzz all around his product and company.

I haven't toyed with Bevo that heavy but I have the network integration which I really like about it a lot. The variable pass through I think is also one aspect which I think is powerful as well.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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