Binom Review and Installation - Your Affiliate Click Tracking Platform in 2020

By Ian Fernando

With affiliate marketing growing and a majority of tools out there to help you get started one important tool you need is a tracking platform to record all your performing traffic sources and offers. I have used several tracking platforms in the past and today I want to talk about Binom.

Binom is a self-hosted tracking platform that you set up on a server and you own all the data. This is an important factor since hosted solutions are with the company themselves and sometimes that information can be an issue or create anxiety for the affiliates.

Binom's tracking platform is fast and as a very clean interface to understand what you are looking at and what you need to understand about your affiliate campaigns. Before we get into some of the details check out the installation video I did.

How to Install Binom

What You Need to Install Binom

Out of the box once installed, it has a very direct user interface. You may be overwhelmed because it will look empty but the top bars are what can help you get started. By simply clicking on each tab at the top you will be introduced to add your affiliate network, offers, traffic sources, etc.

There are also smaller features as well such as adding notes on a campaign, marking in reporting, Telegram alerts, and custom filters. Binom tracking platform also introduces new acronyms such as...

  • CLH – Click Last Hour
  • LLH – Leads Last Hour
  • PLH – Profit Last Hour
  • Last Lead – Last conversion made

With a very clean and direct interface, you should not get lost with how to create your first campaign.

After you familiarize yourself with Binom's interface, there are a lot of features that I will break down in this post which I think are pretty important to discuss. Here is a list of the categories I will discuss in this blog post.

  • Free SSL on your Domain
  • Landing Page Protection
  • Affiliate eCommerce Solutions (powerful with COD)
  • Smart Rotations

Free SSL integration on Installation

As you can see with the installation of the tracker, it will automatically install an SSL for you. This is critical nowadays. Binom tracker will make sure you are set up for success by default to install an SSL on your server.

While most tracking platforms you have to get your own SSL certificate and install it your self, Binom auto-installation process does it for you with ease. Even if you decide to add another domain or multiple domains, Binom will protect and secure all the domains with a free SSL integration.

Landing Page Protection

This is an easy concept, it protects your creative landing page from prying eyes. Especially if someone knows your domain and the link it has gathered.

In Binom you basically copy a line of code and add it to the start of your landing page before the HTML starts. The tracker then passes a special token key that validates the click. It does this by checking the IP, user agent, and the time it was last visited against the key, if there is a match it will display the landing page.

It isn't 100% going to protect your page as spy tools like Anstrex will grab your landing page and follow the campaign link. At that moment the spy tool will screengrab the landing page anyways.

Affiliate eCommerce Solution

This feature is pretty cool, as it will help you out with your COD affiliate offers specifically. I run offers with Adcombo internationally and it allows me to see what has been held, rejected, and converted.

By looking at the full funnel from rejected leads to holds to the final conversions you have an extra set of data points that you can start optimizing base on these 'tags' or labels.

You have to turn this on in the setting section of Binom.

How this works is if a HOLD action changes to LEAD then the previous conversion (HOLD status) changes its status to LEAD and that’s it, Binom takes care of the change as there isn't a need for another transaction to happen.

Now I am pretty sure this will work for eCommerce guys that want to track their full-funnel transactions as well. With this feature, a marketer running their eCommerce store can set labels when an upsell has been purchased within their funnel.

Not only is this tracking platform good for affiliates but as some affiliates evolve into eCommerce, it becomes useful to them as well. Link tracking is just that, tracking the link and actions. Binom has done a great job adapting to the evolution of the online industry.

Smart Rotations

I started to talk about this in the video a bit but due to the length, I figure it be best to write about it. I wanted the video to focus on installation and setup.

Smart Rotations basically tags the user and interesting enough with Push Traffic you can limit the clicks per IP. For example, if you are testing 3 different landing pages and you limit the click per IP to 3, each click will see 1 of the 3 landing pages.

This allows a true distribution of the landing page to the end-user. You can now see which landing page is more attractive to the end-user by evenly testing each landing page.

Side note on this that some traffic networks do not like the changes that happen on the original link, so this has to be used with letting the traffic source know all 3 landing pages you want to test.

Now how much will all this cost and even more features and support?

Pricing and Get 30 days Trial instead of 14 days

When you go to the Binom homepage they have a 14-day trial, no credit card is required. When you sign up with my link you can get access to 30 days without a credit card. I am intrigued by how much Binom as a tracker has adopted the industry.

The price starts at $99/month with a monthly plan or $69/month if you choose their yearly plan. Additional licenses per domain would come with a price of $49 extra.

If you are still hesitant you can access there live demo and have a browse yourself to see if it will be a fit for your campaigns. Every affiliate needs a tracking platform that will grow with the industry and especially the affiliate themselves.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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