Binom Review: Self-Hosted Affiliate Tracker for Professional Media Buyers

By Ian Fernando

Out of all the affiliate trackers mentioned in this article, Binom is the only one that is self-hosted. This basically means that you are the one responsible for maintaining and managing your server. 

The key difference between Binom and other cloud-hosted affiliate trackers is that this one focuses more on data security.

Super affiliates are scared of their data. We assume other affiliates, networks, ad traffic sources are out there to steal our data. This is the reason why Binom has a platform for you to install on your own server.

But apart from the full control that you often enjoy when using a self-hosted affiliate tracker Binom, there are a couple of challenges that you will encounter along the way such as complex setups and the need for technical expertise.

A beginner may have trouble running the tracker on his own self-hosted VPS server. This is why I created a step by step guide on how to install Binom.

Binom did mention in their company website that they designed their affiliate tracker to be utilized by bonafide pros. 

But the question is if it’s worth it. Let’s look into the features of Binom. 

Notifications And Personalized Triggers

Similar to both Voluum and BeMob, Binom also comes with a notification alert feature. But this one gives you the extra flexibility of creating your own triggers. This means you can determine what kind of changes you want to be notified about. 

Here are some specific examples of how personalized triggers can work for you:

  1. Setting up alert notifications for landers that go below 20% CTR
  2. Get notified about offer ROIs that are below 50%
  3. Being alerted if a campaign ROI has reached 80%

Smart Rotations

Even though Binom is an affiliate tracker, it is equipped with a feature that lets you switch landing pages. 

For instance, if you were split testing three landers, once a visitor lands on your page, the second time he clicks on it again, he will be delivered to the second landing page instead of the first one that he already saw. The same goes if he clicks the link for the third time. 

Landing Page Protect

This feature lets you block access to your landing page if the visitor has no landing page token taken from your campaign URL. This means people won’t be able to just share your campaign with anyone.

Also, if someone tries to open your campaign in a different browser, he won’t be able to see it. This gives you a good line of protection from competitors who are trying to spy on your campaign. 

Affiliate eCommerce Solution

This is most applicable to affiliate marketers who run campaigns for eCommerce COD offers. We know that running COD campaigns can change your approval rate from 40% to 70%. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with these fluctuations, this might lead to issues in tracking. 

How to set up their eCommerce and subscription scheme here

As traffic keeps coming in and out, spend keeps on increasing. Meanwhile, the conversion time can vary depending on the call center overload. 

The great thing about Binom you will be able to set the expected approval percentage on your campaign settings. Once you’ve done that, you can open up the columns for the Expected ROI and Expected Profit. 

This is truly unique to Binom, you can create custom conversions based off a lead and a truly converted lead. It allows you the option to also tag clicks with leads that have been rejected, allowing you to decipher the data even more.

Quick Features to Point Out

  • Color Customization

One of the newest features of Binom is that you get to change the color of certain campaigns so that you can easily recognize them as they show up in the stats report.

The platform currently supports 12 colors. This is a feature that is most useful for people who tend to run multiple campaigns at the same time. 

  • Back Button Redirect Script

When a visitor goes to your landing page and then clicks the back button, he will instead be delivered to another landing page offer or a SmartLink system.

  • Adding Notes

This feature is relatively simple but it’s one of my favorites. Each campaign, lander, and offer, is integrated with a notes feature so that marketers can write anything they want about that particular ad.

It lets you keep everything organized as well as help you remember the last updates that you performed for your offers, campaigns, and landers. 

  • Custom Events

Binom lets you create custom events for landing pages. For instance, you can measure the scroll percentage, screen resolution, bit percentage, and time spent on your landing pages. The platform lets you add up to 10 custom events in your landing page. 

Creating custom events will help you understand just how engaging your current landing page is. It will also give you a good idea of how users behave as they interact with your landing page. 

Binom Pros And Cons

Binom is a really solid product. It can support most of the features that Voluum has to offer as well as other capabilities that you won’t find on Voluum more so BeMob. It’s quite affordable for such an incredible affiliate tracker. It comes with a 14-day free trial, make sure to use coupon code IANFERNANDO.

The only downside of Binom is that maintaining and managing it can get a bit technical but the customer is really pretty committed to helping new users set up their account.

It’s not that difficult once you have gone through the process. Plus, it's self-hosted which means that you get sole control over the tracker. 

Make sure to use Coupon Code: IANFERNANDO at the checkout to receive a massive intro discount. Binom just went through a big update as well that has a ton more features you can see here.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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