Birthday Present: Cash in my Inbox

Yesterday was my birthday! Man I feel super old for some reason. I know that I grew a lot ever since I started online marketing. This morning I checked my PayPal mailbox and found this (image below). This is cash in my PayPal account, snapshot this morning. Making money while I sleep is a great birthday present. I didn’t do much at all on my internet stuff since it was my birthday, I just chilt with my family and friends all day yesterday.

The image below is a snapshot of this mornings inbox in my gmail account. I have a separate email address which is only dedicated to PayPal notifications and anything related to PayPal. You can see one of my products is a majority of my income, you will also notice other products of mine and several payments from others’ affiliate products.

This was a good birthday present! Most of the items here were promoted by either PPC, Google Content Network, via my blog, or via my affiliate system. You can see that 3 of my products are listed above which do well on a daily basis. Creating digital products is very helpful along with affiliate marketing, as you can see above most of the income is from my own products or someone elses products via their affiliate system.

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