Blog Action Day: Exercise with Nature

By Ian Fernando

There are multiple topics on exercise and a lot of weight training videos. One thing I do in the morning is take a jog around my neighborhood. I usually start my day with 1 hour of strength training or cardio. When I do cardio I usually run outside, but since the weather here in New Jersey has changed I have been forced to jog on a treadmill.

When the weather is right you should try to bring in the joy of nature by absorbing the sun, smelling the air, and enjoy life as you do a quick walk or jog. Since I myself exercise in the morning, I think it is the best time to put your body to the limits and having it wake up.

In the morning, your body is relaxed; it is a good time to put your muscles to some stress. Later in the day have it recover from your daily task. Also you will feel fuller and more energized. It's simply a great way to start the day on a positive note.

Why not start at the end of the day, after work or even mid day?

You can do a jog any time of day but doing it before gets your body rejuvenated and ready for the day. You just have more energy than you do at the end f the day. When I wake up in the morning I am ready to hit the gym strength training or cardio workout. Throughout the day I am energized than if I tend to work out mid day or at the end of the day. I literally have to force myself to work out.

At 5pm you are already tired and stressed from your day job or whatever task you were doing. You just want to go home and just relax. There is a big difference from exercising in the morning and any other time of day.

An experiment was done once with a large group of people who exercised sparingly. They were given the same workout routine to perform each and every day for a month.

However, half of the group did their workout first thing in the morning. The other half did it when they got off of work. They were forced to stick with it. And then after a month, they were free to do as they pleased.

After a few months past, they asked the group if they planned on continuing their exercise routine. Surprisingly, the group that exercised in the morning were 80% more likely to stick with their workout on a daily basis.

Source: College Success Guide

Stress relief is another huge benefit of jogging. Whether by allowing you the time to think about life's problems or time to escape them for awhile, tension easily flies by the wayside as you fly over the miles. Distance runs are great for solving problems that are nagging at you. What better than a 3 hour run all by yourself to clear your mind and allow you to pin down an answer? Speed runs are great for tearing through aggression and anger. Focus all that emotion into a few sprints and you'll feel better in no time.


Doing it in the morning jog in the morning at a local park or your neighborhood can give you a boost throughout your day. Giving you a more positive outlook and improve your attitude for the day and throughout years to come.

You will be absorbing all positive vibes from mother earth and its surroundings. Feeling a sense of happiness when running or jogging, its a mental aspect that happens wehen you jog.
One thing you do not want to do is jog in the morning with traffic and noise, you want a calm environment, which produces a positive outlook on your jog, a calm park or your own neighborhood. As for me I jog in my neighborhood or my local gym.

The hardest thing to do is break old habits. You've probably made it a habit to do very little when you first wake up. The longer you have done it, the harder it is to break out of the habit. Make jogging a habit, make it part of a routine. Once it is part of a routine you will just tend to do it and you will actually be mad at yourself if you miss your routine. I myself get annoyed if I missed a day at the gym.

Grabbing that extra boost from nature is beneficial since you will receive all positive energy and vibes, absorbing the sun and tasting the air.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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