Blog Catalog vs MyBlogLog: Review

By Ian Fernando

With MyBlogLog being very spammy, I have decided to join Blog Catalog. My first impression of Blog Catalog is its interface, the red and blue blends in so nicely once you land on their main page. The layout is just relaxing. With MyBlogLog that green color and seaweed green just does not appeal.

Since MyBlogLog has gotten a lot of spam and is talked about quite a lot in the blogosphere I do not think there will be an existence of MyBlogLog except for spammers. So far I have read about 3 types of spam on MyBlogLog, they are: Tag Spam, Group Message Spam, Standard Message Spam. They are all very annoying!

If MyBlogLog wants to keeps its community growing its time to look into the spam environment of their communities. Though they get some help from its fellow bloggers, group messaging is just a horrible idea! Social communities should be social correct? Well I feel like I am getting double dosage of the Sunday paper with extra coupons and special offers!

Jonathan at SmartWealthyRich shares his thoughts about it and even states, to think twice before you launch a new service! He even says:

Honestly, the last thing I need is more e-mails, I receive enough already, and I definitely don’t need that.

We as authors and bloggers just want targeted traffic and not spam! So when I decided to join Blog Catalog a while back when I was experiencing this spam. I like the atmosphere it brings.

If you never heard of BlogCatalog, you are missing out! Blog Catalog is a blog directory on the internet. It provides a community where users can connect & interact with each other, join neighborhoods and actively engage in discussion groups. It's a great way to meet other bloggers, as well as gain exposure and traffic for your blog!

There are several items that is far better than MBL (MyBlogLog). They have discussions, which is the heart of Blog Catalog, in which I think. Everyone contributes their answers almost similar to a forum. MBlogLog does not have this but they have spammers!

Another feature that I like is that it seems that Blog Catalog is human edited, meaning an actual person views your page. It took about 2 days for this blog,, to be approved. My other sites were not added as they are ofcourse not Blogs. Where as MBL, they simply just added the websites I provided to them.

Blog Catalog has a much cleaner user interface/profile for the author. Almost like an actual webpage. Take a look at MyBlogLog Profile and my Blog Catalog Profile. This is my profile and automatically you can see the difference in layout.

Blog Catalog has much of a cleaner interface, organized very elegant. It is base off a 2 column template with your blog at the top, followed by your communities (I will get into a little more), then into Friends, Recent Viewers, and then Neighborhood. The right side, consists of the search, shoutbox, and discussions. Very clean and the color is very absorbent to the mind.

MyBlogLog is just messy! Base off 2 columns as well, it host the author name at the top, tags, sites, recent viewers, new neighborhoods, friends, nd a mini description. To the right are the "Hot in my Communities" then the message board.

The layout is very similar in both; the big difference is the space and color. BC (BlogCatalog) provides room between each segment and the fonts are just perfect for viewing. The color on BC is great too red grabs your attention but the cool blue rest and eases the mind. It is evenly space between icons and text. Nothing is crowding an icon, a text, a image, etc. It flows nicely with the template and page.

MBL, the green is just not attractive at all. When I first joined I was hesitant about joining and when I joined the color did not bother me too much, until the spam got to me. Looking at the website the green just throws off your thought. You just feel weird, as it looks like a fan site for Slimer from GhostBusters. The dull sea green color doesn't attract you nor does the bright lime green. The fonts are small and may be hurtful for the eyes. Everything is just crowded together.

Now lets take a look at my community: MyBlogLog Community vs my BlogCatalog Community.

There is far better information on BC than of MBL. BC holds your rankings, for me I am currently 45 out of 100. It has your RSS feeds on there as well as who viewed your page recently and lists all your friends. The comments are at the bottom where other BC users can add their thoughts about your blog. The layout again is just perfect flowing with the page.

MBL, just has your RSS feed and its community members. That is it, really nothing to go yelling about to others. And the layout is just poor, though they have improved the layout when I first joined, its still blah.

The layout is very important as it can easily change a person feeling, even iwebis says:

Site Design - I like the ‘blog style’ Blog Detail and Profile pages. As a blog reader and blogger author I feel very comfortable with the design. I was instantly familiar with the layout of this site.

Web design and colors are what makes a website on a first impression basis, then ofcourse its the content. If you purchase a house that is all brick and painted in pink, would you even enter that house? You would probably drive pass it paying no attention to it. This is the same with web design and color.

Two last feature that I like about BC are communities and the ability to add your Blog Choice Awards Button. If you are part of Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc. BC adds these communities to your profile page and lets others know you exist elsewhere; this is a powerful networking tool. The Blog Choice awards badge can be added to your profile, giving it exposure and providing more votes to fellow bloggers!

MBL has this aswell, but where is it listed on the page? Where on others pages? Also MBL has weird communities sites that I do not think are that popular.

SexyInRed has listed top 5 reason why to join Blog Catalog:

  1. Make new friends and socialize - People in BC are really nice and warm. If you looking for bloggers friends to share ideas and discuss the on going things in blogosphere this is the place you really should visit and join.
  2. A chance to promote your blog - If you're new and looking for quick way to get some traffic and audience here is the place too. Just advertise your blog in Shameless Blog Promotion section. And create your own blog fans indirectly.
  3. Discover more blogs and people who share the same niche of your blog.
  4. Forums - It's not just a blog directory but there's forum for you to join in. Discuss anything about everything here. You'll get answer to every of your questions by t he experts and friendly bloggers.
  5. It's just the place to be - I just simply love the community. And if you didn't find any updates here I might be in the forums in BC. Need I say more?

It is the ease of use the the community that each blogger brings to the community which makes BC my choice over MBL. The interaction I receive and I give is just a great feeling. Bloggers helping bloggers in ways we can to get noticed on the blogosphere.

In the end its the way the author feels welcome at a webpage or blog, by means of color, layouts, interaction, etc. If a blogger or author joins a community and gets spammed multiple times, how long will that user stay with the community? Will he interact? Me personally, I would get angered and not even go back to the website.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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