Blog Sales Copy vs. Lengthy Sales Letter

By Ian Fernando

The other day I put up a product for sale which surprisingly did pretty well with the initial launch. The product was my Build a Niche Store Premium Templates. These specific templates were meant for the over saturated eBay virtual store on the internet. I personally like to be different and when I first started using BANS, I quickly went a head and customized my own layout, trying to be different. With that said I started seeing more and more store created by BANS. How did I know? Well the layout structure was the same, then it clicked - sell templates!

Since this is a new product that I have launch, I also decided to do a sales copy different from the traditional lengthy sales letter. I went ahead and did a blog post.

In the past there are a lot of people that speak of the lengthy blog post and how there seems to be a scammy feeling about it. The sales letter is way too long with way too many highlighted text and over exaggerated material. A lot of people actually frown on this type of sales letter. But personally I found it to work for me and I still use the sales copy and sales letter technique when selling a digital product. The only difference now is I decided to do a case study on blog sales letter.

I was very hesitant when creating the sales copy for a blog, especially my blog. A sales letter is more for the buyer and not the reader. Well I took a risk in trying and testing this specific technique out, which I don't read about or hear about or even seen on other blogs. A sales copy on a blog, crazy!

The reason I did this is because I am pretty highly ranked for Build a Niche Store and I wanted to go ahead and take advantage of it. It would be harder to rank a new domain or a new subdomain for a sales letter. A blog is far easier because of several issues:

  1. Blog has auto credibility
  2. I already have targeted traffic
  3. I am already ranked for the specific keyword/s
  4. I have already spoken about BANS on this blog

These specific reasons are the reasons why I thought it would be a good idea to do a sales copy on a blog. Also I distinctly removed my blog sales copy away from the traditional context and structure of a traditional sales letter. I have done the following:

  1. Instead of BIG Heading - I simply bolded
  2. No Highlighted Text
  3. No overdose of exaggerated text
  4. No overdose of images and income results

I stuck to the simplicity of the blog and it proved to be beneficial. (I have not thoroughly tested, context, location, etc) I removed myself from the typical stereotype of a sales letter, kept the basics but also kept the simply layout. All I simply did was emphasized the sales letter within a blog. The blog already has a brand and I thought to use it.


As far as testimonial, I didn't add any. The reason for this is because I would rather have live testimonials via the comments! This is, I think, far more powerful because it creates a discussion and users that may have purchased the template can leave their actual live comments on the blog post. This to me can mean the better aspect of the blog sales copy. These users are live and real people, sometimes a lot of people think testimonials on a sales letter are fake - on a blog they are real and by interested users or buyers.

These testimonials I personally think are more powerful to future buyers, they see positive comments and they have a better chance of buying. Sure they are not brandable or well known names, but the fact I can have X amount of positive comments can mean the difference of a purchase or not.


I found the blog sales copy to be pretty powerful. Maybe a review would be more powerful, but I mean I am selling a product. How else can I sell it since it is my initial product. Blog Sales Copy vs Actual Sales Letter - I would say the Blog Sales copy wins just because it has more aspects than a traditional sales letter, which I would have to longer for. A blog has everything I need - will I do more sales copy on my blog? Not sure yet, might do dual split testing or even redirect to an actual blog. So many other variations. But the results in income proved to be faster and a little more less work than a traditional sales letter.

Video, Basically what I just said Above:

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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