Blog World Expo Video Mashup

I know Blog World Expo is done and I didn’t even blog about it while I was there. I was just busy and just everywhere. I managed to get some videos of the event and put them all together. Blog World was exciting and I had the opportunity to hang around great bloggers. It was great to finally meet the face behind the blog, as personalities can be different from a blog and in real life. Below you will find a quick video of all the videos I was able to take.

The only down fall of Blog World is there were too many great sessions I was unable to attend. For 1 hours there would be a total of 6-8 sessions and I would be able to go to 1 or 2 (I would split the sessions up, 30 min intervals) sessions at a time. When I say there were good sessions, there really was. Learned a lot, since maybe my focus is on affiliate marketing more so than blogging. Either way it was very informative!


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