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Cartoon Attila asks me about 'Next Generation Affiliate Marketing'

Attila: Hey, Ian, how's it going, buddy? Ian: How are you doing? Attila: I'm good. Thanks a lot. Thank you so much for […]

Why Chad Marketing: Going Broader Leads to Higher ROIs

There's an ongoing argument for a narrow approach in marketing, but this couldn't be farther from reality. A broader approach […]

MaxWeb Connect - Creating a LeadGen Strategy with your Affiliate Campaigns

Anna: All right. And we are live with our next speaker, the wonderful Ian Fernando. Hi, Ian. Ian: How you […]

2 Ultimate WordPress Plugins I Use for Building an eCommerce Store

When it comes to building your eCommerce store, deciding which plugins to go with was the most daunting process. With […]

Growing an eMail List via TikTok while Still Promoting Affiliate Offers

TikTok has been a fun traffic source to get to know and understand. Now TikTok can be very tricky because […]

PropellerAds Direct Click Review: Unlocking the Power of an Engaged Audience

The hardest thing about digital marketing today is timing; there’s nothing worse than selling to those not looking to buy. […]

Running TikTok Ads for the First Time. Journaling Results and Headaches

Recently the past couple of weeks I have been playing around with TikTok Ads. As a media buyer, you should […]

Ultimate FunnelKit Review: the Only WooCommerce Plugin You Need for Your Online Store

FunnelKit is the ultimate sales funnel builder and is designed for increasing conversions as customers reach the checkout. FunnelKit integrates […]

284%+ ROI on Running Auto Insurance Lead Gen, Initial Run on Display Placement

Getting into lead gen isn't difficult. Most affiliates nowadays are running their own offers that are strictly lead gen focus. […]

Affiliate Industry is Getting into Crypto Currency. I am Jumping Back in as well.

With the stock market going to shit, I decided to get back into crypto. Hearing so much talk about it […]

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