Accidentally Made Money on Etsy: 24 Hours of Setting Up My Print On Demand Online Business


Being in quarantine and doing the same thing over and over again has gotten to my head. I was listening to Chamath Palihapitiya on a podcast and one thing he said was to use this time to learn a new skill. I have just trying to learn new things.

First setting up ADvengers and trying to create a community and make it a go-to chat community, getting back and systemizing my Amazon/eBay business, optimizing campaigns and my doing more content for my blog…. trying…

Doing all these can become boring to me as it becomes repetitive. While trying to learn a new skill, I decided to check out print on demand Youtube videos. I just randomly typed it in and watched a continuous flow of videos for about 3 hours, I then started signing up. It was 9 pm on a Saturday night.

I was not even thinking at that time and just started setting stuff up. Within an hour or so I got my store setup and systems linked, I made an image with at that time what I thought was a solid idea. I wanted the least amount of entry when setting my first print on demand store, so I use my eBay account that I already have and set up an Etsy store that I previously had for reselling.

The only thing I had to do was set up a print-on-demand service. Everyone was recommending Printful, I didn’t get a chance to do my own research but they integrate with what I currently have so why not. Again everything was synced up and then I went to bed.

Woke up to 7 orders… not a lot but 3 hours of work and just experimenting. Not bad.

I was like “Oh shit” this is legit. I started with no inventory and just an idea graphic in my head. Sunday I started getting more orders. So I started to check out Etsy and see if there was any competition on this trend I picked up on. Not that much actually and I think I caught a wave.

What is Printful?

Printful is a service for your Print on Demand ideas. Want a meme on a t-shirt to sell to the masses? Want a coffee mug with your logo on it? Printful allows you to put your ideas to reality without holding any inventory. You create an idea, make a store, and sync your orders with Printful and they handle the supply chain from the t-shirt inventory to the printing to even shipping it out to your customers.

All you need is an idea and a computer to start signing up.

Now, as the excitement grew, I came up with more ideas to see what else I can print on. Where else can I add POD to a store similar to Etsy? I was wired with excitement. I started reading where Printful can be integrated. Then I notice …

There are going to be delayed when printing, I didn’t think of it and didn’t bother reading it. Later in the day as I got my second image drafted up I decided to read it. What… 22 days to 30 days delayed!!

As of this writing, they have closed certain products to the public such as t-shirts and all-over prints. You can not add any new products within Printful until they catch up on their current orders. Good call for them, but now I have orders to fulfill!

With the pandemic going on and people stuck at home, they just buy things. Even Amazon and Walmart recognized sales that are similar to Black Friday but now every day while during the COVID pandemic.

So 2 things came to mind, cancel all the orders, and refund them or find a local shop to get this t-shirt printed. I decided to open up Google maps and find local print shops that are open. I called every one of them to see if they can do a turn around time by Monday/Tuesday.

One came back and took the order to be done by Monday. I paid double, the loss on the total set of orders was just $40. Now the best part is I have a new set of relationships that I can use just in case this happens again. I also now have their tier pricing for t-shirts and how long they need to print the shirts. So did I lose money?

Luckily for me, my t-shirt was just one color and decided to go with screen printing with the local shops. It is far cheaper than DTG and more efficient. If it was a complicated design then I would have reconsidered, but I wanted these shirts to be printed in a short amount of time while still trying to be cost-effective.

Print on Demand Dead?

Now here is my opinion on Print on Demand industry. It is currently slowly dying. Why the supply chain is broken. Printful can only buy so many more printers and they are the biggest ones out there (from what I have read so far). The problem of printing t-shirts is still a manual process.

Yes, I went down the rabbit hole and understood how t-shirts and screen printing vs DTG (direct to garment) works. It allowed me to understand the hiccups DTG printing has – the prep itself is manual from treating the shirt to heating to finally printing! A lot goes into it and a lot of these Print on Demand business owners do not understand the process.

Watch this video here on how one shirt is being printed and the prep it takes…

Hit up Reyes and maybe he will print and ship your POD t-shirts. He is a hardcore hustler.

Print on Demand for t-shirts will not die but right now or later, but right now they have to keep up with current orders. If you are going to start out a Print on Demand online business, then this isn’t the year to start. When the supply chain lessens then it will be much easier for your products to get to the consumer.

Remember people got used to 2-day shipping and now are used to 5-day shipping because they understand the delays – no one is waiting 4 weeks! Would YOU ever wait 4 weeks for a product? Probably not. Our brains probably do not even remember what we ordered 2 days ago let alone, 4 weeks.

So I believe it is a viable online business model ‘Print on Demand’. When the supply chain eases then it will be a great way to get back on it. I personally now bought a bunch of shirts with the meme on it and now is going to put these orders back on Etsy, eBay, Mercari, etc – where I can sell these items.

What you need to look for is what products are not being delayed. Looking at Printful list – phone cases, jewelry, and framed posters currently have no delays in creating and fulfilling the orders. T-shirts for sure is backed up, so I personally would stick away from that unless you can work with local print shops as I have.

If you want to know what shop I have contacted send me a message and I will put you in contact with them.

Subscribe Funnels Review: No Need for Code – Drag and Drop Affiliate Landing Pages are Now a Thing


There’s only one way to effectively run a successful affiliate program and that is to empower your affiliates. To do that, you need a quality affiliate landing page.

There’s only one reason why affiliate landing pages are necessary. As an affiliate marketer, you want to inspire actions towards your visitors or the visitors of your affiliates. Your landing pages can usually range from your lead generation landing page to your pre-lander. 

Here is a quick review on how I create landing pages without coding…

It’s one thing to have a landing page and it’s a completely different thing to have one that is truly effective. An effective affiliate landing page can help you do the following:

  • Generate leads
  • Expand your reach
  • Boost your conversion rate

Most importantly, an effective affiliate landing page can help you bridge the gap between a mere visitor and visitor that has a sparked desire to convert. 

Through your landing page, you will be able to filter out quality traffic. This means due to the funnel you created with your landing page, you have a guarantee that people who click on your offer are the ones with good chances of actually taking the offer. 

But here’s the problem:

Not everyone really knows how to create a website; moreso tailor it suited for an affiliate landing page. Creating an affiliate landing page requires coding knowledge as well as a certain level of expertise in web design. 

Here’s a quick example of how complex creating an affiliate landing page can be. Let’s say that you do have some coding knowledge and are perfectly capable of putting a functional website live. 

At the end of the day, you still need to tailor your landing page in order for it to convert. So, you will be banking on your web design skills or personal taste as well as your knowledge in page conversion. 

Needless to say, it is rather difficult. 

But that’s what Subscribe Funnels is for. We will be talking about this in just a minute. 

What Is Subscribe Funnels?

This platform review was specially made for performance marketers/advertisers, eCommerce people as well as eCommerce direct response marketers (advertisers/merchants). But it can also be quite advantageous for people who want to build a landing page – like us affiliates.

In its simplest form, what Subscribe Funnels do is help you create landing pages easily as it eradicates the technical parts of creating a website. This means you no longer have to understand the concept behind coding, hosting, or CTAs. 

As you go to the Subscribe Funnels website, you will see on the homepage that the platform provides you with an online WYSIWYG sales funnel builder. WYSIWYG stands for “what you see is what you get”. So, Subscribe Funnels basically lets you create a landing by dragging and dropping certain elements to your landing page workspace. 

It works sort of like Click Funnels where you can create your own page, funnels as well as your own outlook that you can link into your CRM. 

Take note that if you are going to use Subscribe for your landing page, take note that this platform is most suited for single page websites. 

Subscribe Funnels: What It Can Do

So going back to the main features and functions of Subscribe Funnels, it basically lets you create a page from scratch. 

If you have no idea how to start, you can look through numerous free page templates that you can use. You will never run out of options to choose from because the team adds new designers and templates to the platform every week.

You can also import your own designs if you want your landing page to feature a design that is more personal to you. You can also start from scratch if you want to. You can also download pages from certain spy tools such as Anstrex and then upload them in the Subscribe Funnels backend.

Our video at the top of this post will feature a quick demonstration of how you can work with the Subscribe Funnels platform. 

Subscribe Funnels also come with an extensive plugin library. The integration into multiple platforms helps you start an eCommerce store right away. Simply click on a plugin and get started. Let Subscribe Funnels handle the visual aspect of your business.

As an affiliate marketer you probably won’t be needing this but Subscribe Funnels also lets its users connect their site with 3rd party CRM integrations. The reason this platform has this is that it was purposely developed for eCommerce-driven marketing. It is integrated with eCommerce CRM such as Shopify and Konnective.

Most importantly, Subscribe Funnels is really easy to use. All you have to is drag and drop segments to customize and finalize your landing page. You no longer have to learn about web development and coding.

Apart from being able to easily and quickly create landing pages for your affiliate programs, you can also produce funnels to effectively lead users to your various stage processes.

This isn’t just for implementation. Subscribe Funnels is also quite useful for marketing experimentation.

If you are unsure about a certain landing page layout, you can create multiple ones on Subscribe Funnels and then conduct an A/B Test. By comparing and optimizing your landing pages, you will be able to craft a finalized page that boosts conversions.

To be more explicit about its features, here is a list of the other things you can do with your Subscribe Funnels landing page:

  • Add JS, HTML, or CSS code into your page
  • Choose from Subscribe’s image library to add to your lander
  • Make your landing page SSL ready
  • Optimize your images automatically
  • Webhooks integration for notifications
  • Create a mobile-friendly landing page
  • Set up an automatic response email for your leads
  • Create a thank you page for visitors who complete a transaction
  • Choose from a selection of Subscribe Funnels fonts for your landing page

How Much Does It Cost?

You can basically create an account and get started for free. This is a great way to take the Subscribers Funnels platform for a spin. If you like it, you can always upgrade to other premium plans, plus you get a FREE landing page by using my link.

These are the ones they currently have on their site:


This one is going to cost you only $97 per month. This plan lets you create up to 25 projects (landing pages). You will gain access to a 24-hour customer support as well as unlimited plugins. Subscribe Funnels doesn’t require you to have any hosting providers or knowledge about it for that matter. The platform practically does it for you.

If you get the Basic plan, take note that your landing page will only be able to accommodate 25,000 visitors at a fast speed. Speed is an important thing to factor out when trying to convert people through landing pages. 


For $297 per month, you can create up to 100 projects. Each site can accommodate a fast speed for only 100,000 visitors at a maximum. You will also get unlimited plugins as well as 24-hour customer support. 


This is Subscribe’s most expensive plan at $497 per month. It gives you unlimited everything (unlimited projects, plugins, and visitors) and of course 24-hour customer service. 

With this button below grants you a free landing page! Start and explore on creating your first landing page. With already preset template for you to start with, you can quickly setup your first affiliate landing page today.

Start Your Dating Campaign with ProfitSocial’s Summer Contest: 1500 Offers in 150 Geos


ProfitSocial is a Smartlink platform that will help you effectively monetize your traffic. I have used their smartlink dating system in the past before. It has helped me find what dating niche and verticals work with my traffic sources.

If you’re looking for a way to earn some extra bucks, you got it! ProfitSocial is glad to announce the opening of its traffic contest. All you have to do is send traffic to ProfitSocial’s smartlinks and you could win up to a $5,000 bonus. That is a lot of moo-lah! This contest is till August 31st, so you have a lot of time to use their smartlink system.

What Is ProfitSocial?

We’ll be discussing the details of this contest pretty soon but what is ProfitSocial anyway?

ProfitSocial is a SmartLink platform that specializes in automated algorithms to unite all top offers. Among the strongest vertical are dating along with its respective niches namely: Gay, BBW, Ebony, Asian, Milf, and Mature. Concurrently, you can promote other verticals such as sweepstakes, webcams, gambling, and games.

In this platform, you are standardly given a minimum threshold of $250. But if it were up to me, you better challenge yourself to meet $1,000 a week. That way, you will be able to switch to weekly payments instead of the typical per month commission. 

Becoming a ProfitSocial affiliate gets better with time but they also have a bit of surprise for newbies. As a welcome gift to new affiliates, ProfitSocial will be giving you a welcome bonus. But you also need to prove that you are committed to becoming an active member of the platform. To receive the bonus, your spending for each first 3 months should exceed $3,000.

Send quality traffic. The more you do, the more cashback you will get. Here is the breakdown of your commission by percentage in you first three months in ProfitSocial:

  • 1st month – 5%
  • 2nd month – 8%
  • 3rd month – 10%

ProfitSocial is only one out of dozens of other affiliate smartlink platforms on the web. But here is how this platform benefits you:

  • ProfitSocial has automatically optimized funnels
  • It has high conversion through direct offers on top locations and latest creatives
  • Regularly offers bonus deals to affiliates
  • You get to attend meetups across countries if you are a top affiliate
  • You can get rate increase through high-volume revenue and quality of company partners

ProfitSocial Smartlink Contest

Now going back to their smartlink contest, let us talk about a couple of simple rules:

  • You need to be a ProfitSocial Affiliate
  • Should be able to drive as much traffic as possible to all GEOs 
  • Validate the traffic quality with your personal affiliate manager
  • Get your bonus at the end of each month
  • If you are a new affiliate who had just claimed your welcome bonus, you won’t be eligible for the SmartLink summer contest
  • DEU, AUT, ITA, CHE, BEL, KOR, ESP, TWN, and JPN GEOs give x1.5 the standard bonus amount
  • The bonus period is from May 1 to August 30

So, What If I Don’t Perform As Well Compared To Other Affiliates?

Regardless of whether you are a ProfitSocial partner, a veteran affiliate, or a new one, you are guaranteed to receive a bonus. The amount of the bonus just depends on the monthly commission growth in comparison with the previous month and is calculated during the bonus period. Take a look at their bonus calculation grid below for your reference. Read the community discussion here.


Commission growth (all GEOs except ‘premium’)Bonus
$1,000 – $3,000$100
$3,001 – $5,000$300
$5,001 – $10,000$500
$10,001 – $25,000$1,000
$25,001 – $50,000$1,500
$50,001 – $75,000$2,500
$75,001 – $100,000$3,750
At least $100,000$5,000
For each further $100,000$5,000

Why You Shouldn’t be Using LinkTree for Your Social Profile Link if You Are a Brand


Linktree is an amazing platform to aggregate all your media links. It is simple, quick, easy to use, but limited. Don’t get me wrong it is straight to the point use. Linktree uses simplicity to make sure your information is out there to whoever is interested in you or your brand.

If you are a brand, shouldn’t you rep your brand? Sure, you have your image or logo on the page but is that it? The page should have some character to it no? I was looking at my page and I thought to myself that I needed to spruce it up. I have my own domain, I have a blog – why am I using a third party website to put up simple links?

Here is what my Linktree looks like before… simple and straight to the point.

Nothing interesting about it but it does give you all the information you may need about me. I have all my social icons on there and optin links. The problem is I couldn’t control the theme, there is only so much you can do on the free account. I wasn’t complaining because what is the point of distraction right?

Well, I then realize that I needed to just be me and fix it up more. I was already using OptimizePress to create optins on my blog so why not create a social link page? So I did

Here is what my social link looks like now… big difference right? Now, this will have my domain in it and I get to customize how I want to be viewed on the internet.

The best part is OptimizePress has a template that I just recreated to make it into a social link page. I was viewing their pre-made templates on how to mimic Linktree and saw a simple thank you page style and just easily converted into what you see now.

I was able to add a mini title, a brief description of me, and customize the colors!

OptimizePress has been in the landing page business for a very long time, I believe since 2010. They were the go-to platform for landing pages, squeeze pages, jump pages, etc. Even before Leadpages and even Clickfunnels came into the picture, they were the goto. I know, my affiliate links have changed several times due to their 10-year change.

Optimizepress now competes in a now-crowded market of pre-built landing pages, with new ones coming out every day. As you can see my social link page is far better than what Linktree provided me. Instead of a simplistic non-brandable page, I have me on a page!

With pre-built templates and sections, you can create easy opt-in pages and quick link pages for all your social profiles. I finally have made the jump to change my links because I am trying to keep branding consistent across all my channels. I probably would have had to pay someone to make a page like the one you see above some serious cash, but it was all done in just a couple hours.

They have a very clean backend, no need to understand what margins are or even know what spacing is. You just move your mouse and drag and drop. Optimizepress will determine the margins and spacing itself and you can even adjust it with your mouse.

In the end, I am glad I finally made the decisions to redo my social link section. It is straight to the point and it is definitely more attractive.

$100 Spent on RichPush Advertising Platform, Quality International Push Ads

I’ve been working towards making myself busy despite being in quarantine. Two weeks ago I wrote about how to get started on RichPush ad traffic platform for push traffic. Today, I am going to talk to you about the ad campaign that I ran on Rich Ads Push recently. The offer was already doing quite well in other push ads platforms. So, I thought I should give it a shot at RichAds.

I simply just took my 5 creatives and moved them over to RichPush to see how it work out. If you ever want to run a RichAds Push campaign as well, know that you’ll need to upload at least three to five good creative images.

So, after I moved my creatives to RichPush, I started to work on the following:

  • Title
  • Ad Preview
  • Main Image
  • Message

Just a bit of information on this, there’s a character limit for the title and message. The title cannot be any more than 30 characters while the message is only limited to 45 characters. With that, it might take you a couple of minutes to a few hours to come up with something catchy. This is why I utilize an ad spy tool to help me with my ad copy and creatives.

While you don’t have a lot to say, you are encouraged to only mention the things your prospects would be most interested in (which is basically a lesson all marketers learn) Some brainstorming is certainly needed to do this really well in a way that you’ll witness high-quality returns.

Anyways, the icon pertains to the thumbnail that will represent your ad while the viewer hasn’t clicked on it yet. Remember this is a push notification, an alert. Meanwhile, the main image is a featured photo (an image apart from the creatives) that will be posted on your main campaign.

So, here’s the basic setup of my campaign:

  • International Dating
  • $50 a Day Test
  • Direct Linking to Offer
  • Push Ads RON
  • Mobile Android Only
  • 5 Creatives Starting
  • Targeting Only 6 Android OS versions
  • 1 Impression Per User
  • 3 Clicks Per User over 7 Days
  • $0.0144 avg CPC (minimum was $0.00842)
  • After 1 PM to Advertise Only

It was my first time running an ad with RichPush so I decided to open it all up just to see which ones were actually effective and driving revenue. As you can see from the state below, it performed quite decently, not too shabby. And as it headed towards the end of the day, the results became a lot better.

Hour of Day – 4/13/2020

My timing of the push ads definitely played a huge role in how the ads performed and converted. With that, I started cutting off some hours. I had to carefully review which times need to be left behind and which ones should be retained. I had to re-test some hours I came up with a final timing decision as you can see in the graphic below.

How I Got Everything Together

Now before anything else, let me tell you the main reason I decided to push my ads to RichPush – it was really because I wanted to utilize their CPA goal, which I set to .75 cents.

During this time I also started loading more creatives. When it comes to dating, you really need to keep the dating creatives fresh. You can not just keep one and hope it will work but what I did was upload new creatives every day while pausing old ones. For each creative that I publish, I disabled three old ones.

My initial push ads performance was okay as recently showed you earlier but things started to look a bit greener when I had the Rich Ads Support Team look at my campaigns. They told me that I needed to use a specific source IDs. I took their expertise alongside my backend optimization and I was pleased to see more optimal results.

I really optimized this campaign a lot that I even ran out of volume. I loosened my targeting a bit to get more impressions and everything still held out where it needed to be. I was impressed. If you take a look at the data below you’d be impressed as well.

Source IDs – 4/16/2020

One problem that I saw was that the bigger cities were not resulting in conversions and since I needed to add more traffic, I just decided to deploy my landing page.

So I basically started playing around with landing pages and figured out a style landing page to test out. LP CTR was super solid too, you can read the 3 styles of dating landing pages here. Usually, I would have these landing pages already setup but waiting on translation is annoying.

One interesting part of this was there was one aspect of the ad creative that led to the efficacy of the campaign. It wasn’t just the image but the text gave such a wonderful impact as well. This is most especially true for the heading of the text which was the one that received the most clicks.

At the end of the week, I got capped and the offer went into lead review. What this means is the offer is allowed X amount of leads a day and the advertiser is going to review the quality of the leads received. This is one annoyance of affiliate marketing but it happens and from the business side of things, I understand why they have to do it.

Want a 10% Match on your deposit?

How to Create a Push Ad Campaign on RichPush Traffic Network

I recently started advertising on RichPush Push platform. So far I am impressed with the traffic (Push) as I started converting on it already with just a small test, international traffic. This will be an introduction to how to set up a campaign on the RichPush platform.

RichPush has a unique backend and bidding platform as well. There are unique options that I feel some other ones that I have tested in the past do not have. Every push network has the typical campaign setup of creatives, country, impressions, device targeting, day parting, etc. RichPush has something called micro bidding which is very unique I think.

Micro bidding is increasing your bid base on several categories such as creative or device. I will go into that a bit later but let start by setting up a basic campaign with RichPush.

To get started make sure you sign up here. You then chose if you want to advertise on Push, Native, or Pop. Once signed up, you are introduced to a new dashboard actually. When I signed up, I got in while they were just transitioning their new interface. I do not know what the old interface looked like but this is a very clean interface.

Basic Creative Setup

First, you will enter the campaign link that you have generated through your affiliate tracker. If you are using Google Analytics, you can auto pass UTM tags. Since we are using an affiliate link tracker this isn’t really necessary.

When creating the creatives, I always tend to start with 3-5 creatives first. Now, there are 2 parts to upload. An icon and a bigger image dimension that if pushed to a Windows PC, it will show a bigger picture. This is where the 3-5 creatives come into play. When you are tracking your creatives, you want to make sure you pass these creative IDs to your tracker.

This will allow you to see if an icon or an image of an offer is better. I found it to be almost be a split between icons and standard image creatives. So this is important to test.

Country and Device Targeting

Next, there is a section where you can add the networks postback to your tracker to send back. If you are going to use the CPA goal within the network, they will need the data to optimize the campaign. This is another feature not many push networks have, RichPush will auto adjust the base of your campaign off a CPA goal.

… since you need data to start, let’s pick the country source and the device to target. RichPush also allows individual regions to be targeted as well. Not all push networks have the ability to do this, as most are all broad targeting.

You can choose what devices you want to target and even the version types. You can specifically choose the browser, device type, and OS versions. This is important because once you have the data you can start to pick and chose where to advertise on.

This is where RichPush micro-bidding can come in handy. You can increase bids to certain devices or OS and decrease others. This allows you to concentrate on what is working and then still get some volume to the others to make sure you are not missing out.

Week and Day Parting

Dayparting is important!

This is all going to be base on your data. I usually advertise all day and slowly start to turn off hours or days that are not getting any clicks. Now, this is another section where RichPush gives you the option to advertise, you can spend your budget right away or evenly. I always chose even because I want the ads to be displayed throughout the day.

This allows you to see a bigger picture, instead of feeding your ad as fast as possible, RichPush feeds your ads or tries to throughout the day. The first day I set my budget to 100$ and it only spent 60$, but I got enough good data throughout the day to decide how it will work.

Some of the push networks just serve your ad as long as you are the winner in the bidding pool. Sometimes it isn’t good because you might get an hour of inactive potential users.

Creating a Blacklist or Whitelist

Another important factor is black and white listing your campaigns. Doing this for mobile isn’t as affective as blacklisting or whitelisting the publisher IDs as mobile devices refreshes their ip all the time. You can remove device properties and carriers. There is a section to block publisher ID which is more powerful especially if you are doing mobile.

Now, you will have to determine your rules on how you want to block certain publisher IDs. Whether it be LP CTR, AD CTR, EPC, etc. Your data will be the one to tell you the story. Once you have the data you can start even using the most unique feature of RichPus, micro bidding.


RichPush micro bidding allows you to make a custom bid for a segment and treat it differently within your campaign. There are 13 parameters which you have to combine to increase or decrease bids.

The structure is the following: parameter:value:operation with a bid.

sub_list_identer an Subscribers List ID, e.g. 1197sub_list_id:1197:-0.2
publisher_identer a publisher ID, e.g. 48965publisher_id:48965:+1
site_identer a site ID, e.g. 41563site_id:41563:/0.5
carrierenter a carrier, e.g. SFRcarrier:SFR:+0.4
devicemobile, computer, tablet, otherdevice:mobile:*0.4
connection_typeenter a connection type: wifi, cellular, ethernetconnection_type:wifi:-0.1
ISPenter an Internet provider, e.g. Orangeisp:orange:+0.1
OSenter an operating system, e.g. android 6os:android 6:-0.9
weekdayMO, TU, WE, TH, FR, SA, SUweekday:fr:*0.4
hourput the number from 0 to 23hour:15:-0.3
ipenter an IP, e.g.
region / city / zipregion / city / zipregion:ca:+0.1
creative_identer a creative id, e.g. 38746creative_id:38746:+0.7

Here is an example they posted on their website describing their micro bidding feature:

Example 1
Let’s say your target CPA is $2.5. Android 8 is the most converting OS, but the overall CPA is $2.9. Typically people think about blacklisting, but blacklisting Android 8 will cut 78% of traffic. Reducing CPC just for Android 8 i.e. by 20% would be a much better solution.

I am currently testing this and will see the results if I see a big difference. I think this will be very helpful if it does what it is intended too.

I Switched Hosting Providers Again – Why I Moved My Blog to SiteGround from FlyWheel


So it was just under a year before I decided to move away from FlyWheel. Flywheel is a dedicated hosting platform for WordPress bloggers. I moved over to them because they did a lot of things that I didn’t want to manage such as security, updating, backups, etc.

I was really happy with them as they had amazing support and definitely helped me with some issues son my blog. They were easy to deal with and they did everything on my blog to make sure it was always up and running. I didn’t have to think if my blog was down. I had my trust in their platform.

… FYI this is going to be a one-directional comparison because I needed a feature or access that FlyWheel couldn’t allow.

Then I wanted to use certain plugins and themes and this is when I ran into issues. After working with the support of the plugin and theme I wanted to use, there were security issues that FlyWheel will not allow. I understand they want to make sure my blog is well protected and I applaud them for that.

I am concerned when I want to do something on the backend, I will not be able to. So it took me to realize that I had to move away from FlyWheel. I decided to go with SiteGround. I was already hosting with them anyways on some small sites, so I decided to use their managed side for WordPress.

The transfer was simple, as you get 1 free domain transfer when you sign up with SiteGround, it took less than 2 hours for them to fully transfer my blog over. After doing some cleaning and updating, I did a speed test to see where my blog was at.

Here is the result from the original post on FlyWheel, which I did improve prior.

Here is the speed test when I fully switched to SiteGround. Now there is a slight speed change, but also the page size also decreased with the new theme I have implemented as well. So there isn’t as much request to the server or heavy page size, still, the load speed time is very similar.

SiteGround Results

So the speed is matchable? A tad bit slower even with lower requests and smaller page size, but I think it is fine. SiteGround does have a limit on space and visits. It is 10,000 visits and 10gigs of stored data. I suggest you get the GrowBig plan since you can host as many domains as you want.

I do like that you get access to your cPanel. I didn’t think I needed it as I would just throw a ticket to FlyWheel and they would handle everything and I appreciated it. Sometimes I just want to get things done instead of waiting, yes I am impatient, and I just want access to my backend.

Personally, I didn’t realize that I enjoy working on the backend of my site sometimes.

In any case, FlyWheel does not give you backend access, just standard FTP. They are very big on security and want to make sure that there is no easy access for a person to gain access to your website. Security is definitely there.

FlyWheel even suggests not to use security plugins like Wordfence or any Optimizer plugin because they cache and have their own firewalls to protect your websites.

At the end of the switch, I had to move over to SiteGround, just because I am used to having a backend and I wanted a server that is still accessible but still secured. I wanted access to cPanel because I am somewhat a nerd.

I wanted to create my own plugins and put them on the blog. I wanted security without exchanging access is what I was trying to say.

Overall, I have no hate for FlyWheel, they did a great job hosting my blog for almost a year. I just had to move to another hosting provider just because there are some things a marketing nerd needs.

Why you should use FlyWheel?

  • If you do not want to manage your own server
  • If you do not want to worry about backups, security, page cache, page speed
  • Assurance your website will be 100% up (my blog was 100% up while hosted on FlyWheel)
  • You are not creating your own plugins
  • You are not using special plugins that require heavy cron jobs

Why you should use SiteGround?

  • You are a nerd and need cPanel access
  • Want to manage your own backups, page cache, and security
  • Creating your own code or plugins for your own blog
  • Need access to the backend of your blog for testing
  • Want to be a WebHost manager

Even looking at the backend interface, FlyWheel is super simple. Straight to the point on what sites you have and access to your backups. SiteGround does look more technical but gives you access to a lot of tools for your blog. It really depends on what you want.

These are just a quick list of why I think you need these web host providers. I am very one-directional here just because of the issue I ran into. I didn’t go in-depth of all the other features but overall, if you just want to forget your blog and just write content, FlyWheel is the move.

If you want to create and operate your website then SiteGround is the move for you. It just gives you more freedom of owning a website.

TrafficStation Meetup in Saint Petersburg, Russia: Regardless of Language We Spoke Ads


Even though a lot of events were getting canceled, I was invited to go speak at TrafficStation’s local meetup. It was being held in Saint Petersburgh, Russia. I was very hesitant at first to go as there were a lot of concerns because of this COVID-19 that has been happening around the world.

In the end, I decided to go on very short notice. Propeller Ads were the ones that took care of me during this short notice and were able to even get the preparations in order from their government to get me in. Since I was doing a visa run from Vietnam and landed in the Philippines, I had to rush to the local Russian embassy to pick up my actual visa. It was definitely the last minute where when I picked up my visa I had to get on a flight right away.

In the end, it worked out. Natalia, the event coordinator helped me through this tight schedule and I was able to fly into Russia with no problem. I landed and just threw out a bat call saying I am in Saint Petersburgh, Russia and I met up with my network peers.

When I landed I met up with my buddy Roman, I did the intensive interview with him in Spain. I took like a good hour rest before I met up with him and we just discussed the stated of the industry. We drank and chatted about Saint Petersburgh and our businesses. Solid night, one thing it was super cold. Thanks, Roman for letting me borrow your jacket!

The next day was just a day of recovery before the Traffic Station meetup and I met up with Stan from Zorbas Media. They toured me around the office and we smoked shisha while everyone was working. I also want to thank them for this super high-quality sweater.

They have a solid team and great to have met them. I also found out there are several ad networks and traffic sources out in Russia. I wanted to tour Propeller Ads but I found out later they were based in Saint Petersburg.

Now on to the meetup! It was a great meetup and very well organized. This was an interesting event because it wasn’t a meetup per se not was it a conference. It was something in the middle. The reason for this is because everything was set up as if it was a conference but small enough to be a meetup. They had over 300 sign-ups. Not only were there speakers to talk about the industry but food, games, prizes, etc.

It was a networking event that was fun to be at but good enough to network as well. This event happened on the 13th of March, 2020 and it was perfect timing before there was a constraint on how many people you can have in a building.

I kind of felt out of place because of the language barrier but I met some media buyers that spoke some English but Natalia made me feel super comfortable. There was an hour of networking before the first set of speakers spoke. I was the second speaker to speak and I think it did well.

I had a translator (Thanks Lera!), so prior to the event, we did a dry run to make sure we had a set pace for her to translate what I was saying. It was good that we did because I wanted certain messages to be more spoken than others.

After my time on stage, there were affiliates after that came and were more open to discuss their situations with me even with the lack of understanding, we understood traffic.

After about another hour of hanging around, I decided to head back to the hotel. I think I was still jet-lagged and needed a nap. I woke up and got ready to go to the after-party. Natalia and Stan from Zorbas Media came and got me from the hotel.

We then went to a brewery place and it was all reserved for the attendees of TrafficStation. It was a really nice place to be at and after a while, more and more affiliates wanted to network. Alcohol is an affiliate best friend.

There was a live band, blackjack tables, poker tables, and shisha! The best part was just everyone was having fun, networking and being themselves.

After all the fun and networking. I took the next day to explore Saint Petersburg. It was freezing but I managed through. I had a tour guide that showed me and educated me on the history of the city.

The city itself is amazing because the architect is just beautiful very European and no building over towers another. The churches in Saint Petersburg are HUGE! I thought those churches were government buildings of some sort.

We did a little more walking and certain areas another historic story was told. It was then time for lunch. We went to a restaurant that was I think Alexander Pushkin house or resembled his house.

I had traditional Russian Beet soup, which tastes just like a beef stew. I thought it would taste more like beets or something vegetable flavor but tasted like beef stew. I learned how Saint Petersburg went through years of famine. I learned the wars they went through, it was a lot of really good history.

After a bit, I got too cold and decided to get coffee and then head back to the hotel. I took a trolly back and it was a solid day of just hanging out in the city. Later that night I met up with Natalia and others for dinner and a clean night of shisha.

With that said I want to thank Propeller Ads for inviting me to speak on short notice. Most importantly, I want to thank Natalia for setting everything up. This girl works super hard and has the same attitude as me. Very well chaotic organized but get things done!

Thanks again Natalia for the invite and the hospitality.

PowerAdSpy Review: the Traffic Ad Spy Tool for your Social Marketing Plan

If the answer is yes, then you are in need of an incredible ad spy tool. We have exactly that in store for you today. The best part is it is for a major social media platform, can you guess it?

PowerAdSpy offers incredible features, which makes it a remarkable ad spying tool. It gives you instant insights into your competitions’ behavior, which you can then analyze. PowerAdSpy specializes in one social network that everyone wants to spy on, it is Facebook.

As a result, it is able to provide its users with a marvelous experience in spying activities of your competitors. This is just better than utilizing Facebook’s own ‘Show Ad Library Button‘, which can be hard to find sometimes. PowerAdSpy does everything in one simple dashboard.

Before we start with the review I want to show you that I have an account and that I am not just writing this. I actually use this spy tool to advertise on Facebook and Instagram.

PowerAdSpy: an introduction

PowerAdSpy is made for anyone who is looking for insights on a specific niche, maybe specific product, or even specific ad copy. It has a vast database that offers compelling analytics to media buyers, publishers, advertisers, and others.

Remember this tool was birth out of the need for affiliates from an actual affiliate.

As a result, you are better able to understand why your ads are not doing the best. You get to spy on your competitor’s ad set and see what techniques or marketing strategies they are using.

Some strategies you might find is the length of the ads being seen. The engagement the ads are getting, what type of ads they are (eCommerce vs services), etc. Others range from the style of the creative to the ad angles. You will see what ad copy they use and how long they have been advertising!

You get access to the actual ad and how it is categorized.

Consequently, you can implement better techniques and strategies than your competitors and drive all the audience towards your business. The best part is that the tool lets you filter ads so you can find the ones which will help you the most. These filters include: 

Features of PowerAdspy

Demographic and Location-based

You can put up filters to look up ads based on demography and location. As a result, you can look for ads that are doing the best in a specific region that you may be targeting. For example, you can search for ads in just Germany and only targeting women.

This is a highly targeted ad and you can see what advertisers are targeting women in Germany.


If you are unsure about what sort of ads to look for but know the keywords, then you can do searches based on the keywords. You are searching the text in the ad copy itself For example if you want to search gardening, then you simply type in “gardening” and any ads that have that text will show up.

To make it even more precise on what verticals competitors are advertising you might want to search call to action text such as “do this at” and the ads with a call to action saying do this will show up. Now you can find the exact niche people are doing and even products.


You can also filter the ads by the advertisers. Advertiser meaning the name of the Facebook Fan Page. For instance, if you want to get an idea about the marketing strategy of a specific advertiser, like a company like Geico, you can put the name in the filter and the results will show what ads they are pushing.

Date Ranges

Time is a key factor when it comes to online shopping. Most people tend to shop during peak times, such as a holiday or festival season or on weekends. PowerAdSpy tool allows you to look at your competitor’s strategies based on the dates.

This is very powerful when it comes to a holiday for example. Let say you are targeting Valentine’s Day, you can backdate and see what ads were being advertised at that time. What offers were being promoted and see if you can replicate their ad strategies.

This is one way to view your competition with PowerAdSpy. Allowing you the versatility to find ads whenever or however you think it is being advertised.

Engagement in terms of likes, comments, and shares

PowerAdSpy also lets you see the ads which have the maximum level of engagement in terms of likes, comments, and shares. In this way, you will get information regarding whether what sort of media is most engaging. Maybe for a particular ad, it is memes that engage the most audience, and for other ads, it is videos that increase engagement. 

The insights into trending ads provided by the PowerAdSpy tool can greatly increase your ROI on your ad sepnd. It gives you support services throughout the submission of your project. If you look around, all the big companies base their marketing strategies by keeping an eye on their competitor’s strategy.

Therefore, PowerAdSpy becomes the best medium to help you base your marketing strategies in relation to your competitors. 

PowerAdSpy easily finds many video ads is trending on Facebook.

This tool also helps you to download these videos. Then you can create types of video ads to attract attention.

The same thing can also happen with graphics displays. This software is also compatible with the CTA-based classification as these CTAs are very important to the success of an advertising campaign and this tool is useful for identifying the CTAs which are required.

If you use PowerAdspy, you will be able to see the segments of the particular target market for each ad that interests you. Ad reach, social engagement statistics, and specific weekly trends on the same page.

Not Just for Facebook

One super-powerful part of PowerAdSpy is the fact that they are improving their tool. Not only does it spy on Facebook but Instagram as well. Instagram is part of Facebook and usually, Facebook will ask you to advertise on Instagram, which naturally you should.

But there are marketers that just advertise on Instagram and that is why you need to also look at IG ads as another part of your marketing strategy.

Besides those 2 powerful social media platforms, you have now Google and Youtube ad spy! Others include Native and soon Quora and Reddit ads! This is the only spy tool that is forever always upgrading and making sure it is keeping up with the ad inventory space.

Three are just way too many features to break it down. I suggest to check out the full feature list here. I want to mention the best filters so you get an understanding of how powerful this spy tool is.

PowerAdSpy Pricing

PowerAdSpy covers all major social media platforms, including Facebook, Google, Instagram, and YouTube., plus they are always adding other sources to spy on.

You have the option to select the plan that works best for you according to the social media platform you need to spy on.

The best part is that it has a testing plan which is free. It allows you to have a limit of 20 searches. You can use these to test on all of the four social media platforms and see what works best for you. Once you are familiar with the features and performance, you can choose from the following paid plans: 

  • Basic Plan – $49 per month
  • Standard Plan – $99 per month
  • Premium Plan – $149 per month
  • Platinum Plan – $249 per month

The basic plan is the most economical of the lot. It costs you. However, this plan is only limited to Facebook ads, which you are probably looking for. It offers features such as sorting ads by likes, shares, and comments, keyword searches bookmarks, etc. 

The other plans have their perks for example if you get the Platinum plan you get all the spy tools you may need and future upgrades to other spy tools. Standard and Premium have upgraded with additional spy tools added as well. I would specifically choose what you need, here is a break down of their pricing models.

Now it depends on what you are focusing on. For example, if you only work with Facebook then the basic plan is really all you need, it is probably what most marketers chose right now. If you advertise everywhere or create an advertising ecosystem then Premium or even Advanced might be the best bet.

Make sure you understand how you want to advertise do not jump in buying the best when you only need the goods of one advertising platform.

I Started a Slack Community – 60 Days into a New Business Idea

Sorry, I haven’t been blogging lately, I have been working on my new idea and venture, ADvengers Online. It is a slack group chat about online marketing and more specifically about media buying. Every business needs traffic and this community is meant to discuss just that.

The chat isn’t just for affiliate marketing but for media buyers and business owners that are buying traffic to their lead gen or website. It is a way to openly discuss and ask questions about their campaigns and see if there is a better way to promote it.

Why Did I Create this Chat?

I started realizing that I am being bombarded by a ton of alerts from Telegram Groups, Affiliate Forums, Facebook groups, Skype Groups, WhatsApp Messages, etc. Each of these groups is also focused on just Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Native, etc.

There was not a home for all of these and I thought why not just have a home for them. I wanted one place where I can just chat about online marketing and give my feedback to user questions. We live in a loud internet now. There is just so much access to information that we all become lost.

I thought why isn’t there a Slack group or channel for all these media buy stuff? Where is the community? I see a ton of Facebook groups, but there isn’t an interaction of users that exchange information.

So How Does ADvengers Work? What’s Different?

I get asked this a lot and I do not know just yet. I started this idea and I wanted to see where it goes. I already have been brought opportunity about what to do and I am going in that direction.

For example, ADvengers are participating in a live case study where the members interact with campaign setup and optimization and I do the setup and ad spend. This way users who are new to affiliate marketing can see what it takes to set one up.

Members can see the type of ad copy, the creative, the campaign setup, etc. The most important part is the actual optimization part and sees how the members will interact and see how and why they chose what they chose.

Then I will be there to set it up and explain their decisions. I think this is a first of its kind and I want to see what the community thinks. Will they interact with each other and help each other out base on their input? Will they battle it out? Veterans vs Rookie battle?

I do not know. Every time I create a business I have the overall goal in mind but then it takes a sharp 180 turn and goes in a different direction. This is what happened with my software OfferSnitch and AdRoots. I think this is the model but my users tell me otherwise. So this time I am putting the concept out there and letting the group tell me.

This might be a horrible way to start a new project but having faith in the group is better than forcing it down them later on. Plus I want to see where this idea goes as there are opportunities in setting a community for information.

I want to be able to also communicate with everyone about issues I am having when I buy media and about online marketing in general. I also want to give back, I have 15 years plus in this affiliate game and I just need to let go of some information I have.

The biggest thing as well is that information in our space is forever changing and that is why I think a chat threaded system is useful. Searching in forums is great, but sometimes the information can be old and probably does not work anymore.

With Slack old information just gets removed and new information when ask is very useful. Of course, there shouldn’t be any basic questions but interactive campaign strategy questions. This is what I want out of ADvengers.

Soon this chat will be closed as well as I want to maintain a high profile of users first. I want to make sure there is going to be enough conversation to go around and to discuss. I also do not want to spread myself too thin as I will be doing case studies and helping users out as well.

Soon into Q2 there are going to be other changes into our community and I hope it grows into something bigger for years to come.

Here is a video about it as well and an intro into the live case study we will be doing.