BlogGears Gearing Up Some Traffic?

Simon and Max has came up with a great concept to help bloggers get more traffic, it is called Max approached me on this when it was suppose to be released on Monday, but I just got to it now. I kept pushing Max back on the video and when i will submit it – it just I had too many other things on my plate. But I finally have a video up with all the big guys as well; you will see John Chow, Paul Borque, Neil Turner, Wes Mahler, etc. So you can tell there is a lot of big people on there that believe in this system especially for bloggers.

It kind of reminds me of those first Hot or Not sites. But this is a great concept since it has video and it is more personal, I think anyways. So anyways here is my video that I made for BlogGears. It is pretty simple and the lighting sucks I did it during the day. There is the video – I think I messed up too but it’s cool – so vote for my video! 🙂


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