Bloggers: Battle of the Sexes

By Ian Fernando

I was reading a very interesting discussion at BlogCatalog. This involves the nature of women and men bloggers. The question is "Are Women Bloggers As Good As Men Bloggers?" I personally think women writers write better or maybe better than me. So I was reading all these interesting thoughts about who is a better blogger, male vs female.

Well I have decided to take some of the controversial or what I thought was interesting and post it on my blog. If you had more than 1 blog I linked to your blogcatalog page.

Pingable says:

I think women are probably as good at writing if not better, but the reason might be that blogging is very time consuming and it seems that males seem to be more willing to give up their time and spend their days promoting their blog, commenting and wrting than women are...just a thought anyway.

BriGid says:

I'm a woman, just so you know where I'm coming from on this.

Anyway, to address the question in the title I'd have to say yes, and no.

This question, I think, isn't so much about being as good as or better than, it's about differences. Men and women are different. (Duh.) Men tend to be more linear and less talkative than women. Women tend to be more intuitive and less competitive than men.

There are exceptions, as the human race as a great deal of variety. I'm talking in generalities here.

So why do most professional bloggers seem to be male? Probably because some of the hallmarks of what is considered 'professional' are typically male traits. Brief, to the point, somewhat stoic in design, etc.

Women bloggers will have blogs dealing with business and can be quite professional, too. They also tend to be more personal with colorful designs and perhaps a more 'artistic' feel.

My guess is that it has to do with the way the brain is wired. Men have a smaller connection between to two halves of the brain than women, meaning that communication is slower. It's not to say that male brains don't work as well as female brains, just that they work differently.

Men are designed for hunting down food, protecting their families, and opening pickle jars. Women are designed for protecting their families, comforting people, and sitting on their husbands before they do something stupid.

Which not only explains the differences in blogging style, but also why married men live longer than unmarried men. ^_^

aroomofonesown says:

I think the answers is in the intent of the blog. I don't see a lot of men who have blogs that are just out there for the sake of writing. Women, much more. Some are fantastic and insightful some are a daily repeat of what their kid ate for breakfast.

Yeah, I don't think I have a point....

Vaughan1 says:

I actually think men have less patience with the art side of it and even the writing side. men would be more likely to see blogging as a way to earn cash, rather than to express their creative talents and they are likely to play around with the code and other technical features, in other words men are more concerned with their blogs being more advanced than another blog, where as women are not so concerned with technical addons etc.

From what ive seen blogs created by women are genuinely more eye catching and should appeal to a wider audience than men's blogs and usually devoid of any advertisements, which is nice to see in this day and age.

urikalish says:

Men and women ARE different in many ways. Many studies have demonstrated it again and again. It doesn’t mean one is better than the other, it just means different. Boys like cars, girls like dolls.

dinblog says:

I personally think that the sex of a person has nothing to do with good
or bad blogging.It is all a matter of perception anyway.What may seem
like a good blog to one person,could be hated by another.As the song goes"What's sex got to do with it"?

ThriftShopRomantic says:

I know a lot of bloggers who are women, and they're largely involved in the same niche I am-- crafts, home decorating, etc.

They're not actively promoting, though, because I think they're content if their family and friends and then any extra decorating forum buddies find them.

I'm more focused on the writing and wanting to be read, so of them, I'm one of the only ones involved in moderate promotion.

The ones I know are dedicated though-- do focus on fresh content and particularly on quality photos. Most of their blogs are as artistic and creative as they are.

Hmm Interesting don't you think? Here is the rest of the conversation and they do say "women talk 3 times more than men." It is interesting to see what people are saying about this. I actually want to find some hard numbers and see which gender takes over the blogosphere. Here is some stats from

...revealed that more women than men are bloggers, with 20% of American women who have visited blogs having their own versus 14 % of men.

I actually want to find more stats on women bloggers vs men bloggers. Who writes better vs that are more opinionated etc. When I was reading this discussion at BlogCatalog it had me thinking. The only problem is I read more blogs and news from male authors, bloggers, website owners etc. I have a very few list of blogs/websites in my rss reader.

This was a very interesting read indeed.

Ian Fernando
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