Boat Rides, Throw Ups, and Strong Networking

By Ian Fernando

I was in Boston 2 days earlier to make it to a special event, a Fishing Trip hosted by Advaliant. I was looking forward to the fishing trip because I haven't real 'fished' or salt water fished. I fished when I was younger near rivers and lakes. I went on the trip with Sam and he started to feel a little sick, there were a couple people that were feeling a little sick. Once I met up with my affiliate manager, I was introduced to NickyCakes and friends.

The road trip was super long, it literally took an hour to drive to the beach area, I was already tired but looking forward to the fishing trip. It was a hot day too the sun was piercing on my head, man I need my fitted. Well we started boarding the boat and we were giving some safety tips on hooking and baiting our rods. Now I didn't know we had to bait our own rods. I was not going to get sloppy and then smell like fish at dinner, dinner is right after the fishing trip.

On the boat I just simple talked to people. A lot of people already knew me from Affiliate Summit West in Vegas or via my blog. I met up with a really smart kid, Michael from Slightly Shady SEO. This guy is smart and can eat a full blown cow in under 10 minutes! I met up with Michael several times during the convention as well. I also met up with Igal, Dimitry, and so many others on the fishing cruise.

I have videos of affiliates catching fish, I will be making that video soon. So after this we went straight to dinner and it took a while but We ate and it was good food. I want to thank Advaliant for the fishing trip and for letting us have a good time while others cringed in the corner of the boat.

The following day Sunday, the first official day of Affiliate Summit, I went on the CAMA Cruise. I want to personally thank Eric Nagel for personally inviting me and having the opportunity to talk to him. Eric is a great guy, we actually met up right before the boat cruise - since I went to get Dunkin Donuts prior to the boat trip.

The CAMA cruise was interesting, I met Brendan from Motive Interactive, Debby from Market Leverage, and a new person on old school guitars. He have seen my blog and would like to know how to generate traffic and monetize his blog. He has also seen some of my video tutorials and wanted to know how to generate traffic from YouTube it self. We talked near the end of the cruise and I gave him some quick pointers which can definitely help his blog or site out.

After the boat trip it was time to register for Affiliate Summit. I went back to my room and chilled for a while and just freshened up. I went back down and registered and started heading towards the Meet Market. WOW. The meet Market this year seemed bigger and much more crammed. I think there were more advertisers this year or the room was just super extra small.

I met up with the Tracking202 team and just relaxed for a bit, but it was hard with the 6 inch of space between tables. Later while the Meet Market was up, I met up with Mukil one of my mentorees. He definitely was there to get to know me and pick my brain. We discussed several aspects of PPC and just talked about the benefits of Affiliate Summit, hope to see him in Vegas!

The Meet Market definitely took out my voice and I was definitely tired. A lot of people actually recognized me from my blog and stopped me to just talk and say whats up. I actually thought I was going to learn a lot from Affiliate Summit, but this time around I actually lost my voice by showing and teaching some things to others. It was an interesting flip because I was in the same situation they were in at my first Affiliate Summit in Vegas.

After that was all done I went back to my room to relax. I was tired, I just decided to chill for a bit before my dinner because that night it was going to be hectic!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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