Boosting Traffic with Alexa and StumbleUpon

By Ian Fernando

Of course there are so many ways to get traffic, but lately bloggers are all on this "Stumble Me and I will Stumble You!" This is because StumbleUpon can guarantee you unforecasted traffic! Well what if we were able to manipulate all that traffic to increase our traffic rankings with Alexa?

This morning I was just browsing through some websites, until I found a website that gave you some tricks with StumbleUpon and Alexa. This is a very unique trick to get high Alexa traffic and get stumbled. The script was created by Terence Chang.

He simply says:

We all know that StumbleUpon and Alexa Traffic Ranking can bring you a lot of traffic, but how do you do it more efficiently? Especially for those who do not have Alexa ToolBar installed? This is just an experiment to see how easily you can increase your Alexa Traffic Ranking and got stumbled by your viewers at the same time. More people stumble your page, more traffic you will get. More traffic you get, higher Alexa Traffic Ranking you will earn. It’s a chain reaction.

He has created a great script that can boost your Alexa rankings and get stumbled.

Why focus on Alexa as well?

Alexa is an Amazon owned company that is famous for its public traffic ranking service via its website. Alexa traffic ranking is being used by many webmasters and web advertisement services to measure the success of websites and has been a topic on many forums and blogs. Most talked about topic is on how to improve your traffic ranking and how accurate the ranking is.

Alexa rating shows number of page views and number of users particular website receives. According to Alexa, the traffic rank is based on three months of aggregated historical traffic data from millions of Alexa Toolbar users. However, Alexa only works on Windows systems using Internet Explorer.

Since Alexa only works with users who uses the Alexa ToolBar and on Windows System using Internet Explorer, thee is a link that is used to help your traffic even more without the use of toolbars and works on any operating system.

Terence Chang's script uses that special link and opens up a review for stumbleupon for the reader. Here is his script and you can see it in action by just clicking on the image below.


If you click this image to the left you will notice the StumbleUpon page pop up, but there is a separate window underneath it. Its my domain, just forwarded from Alexa.

This is the special link that others can use to get your Alexa ranking count without the necessary tool bar:[URL HERE]

This is great because you can post that specific link in forums, email signatures, blogs, comments, etc! Thus increasing your Alexa score! I know I will be using it more so when I comment on blogs and I will be adjusting my forum signatures as well.

Here is Terence script in full view:

<a onclick=”’[Your URL]‘, ‘StumbleUpOn’);return true;” href=”[Replaced with your blog URL]&title=[Replaced with your blog title]” target=”_blank”><img alt=”StumbleUpOn + Alexa” src=”[Replaced with your image path]/stumbleuponalexa.jpg” border=”0″></a>

But I do find some annoyance to this script. When someone does click it it opens another window with my website. Why have another of my website open in the background? That is just me. You are the reader you are already reading my blog so why have it opened twice.

That is the only drawback I see. I do not know yet if I will adjust my "Share Me" plugin to incorporate this script, just because a secondary window being opened. I will however adjust some of my signatures and external links to the Alexa redirect to better increase my Alexa Rankings.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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